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The most noticeable landmark in the Port of Schallsea is the fortress Sentinel manned by the Knights of Solamnia. It is located on a hill in the northern end of the city over looking the Bay of Schallsea. The fortress is small and has a tower attached to it. A combination of Solamnic and dwarven engineering have made a fortress that is defensible from ground and aerial attack. The Sentinel is armed with catapults and ballista that can be fired into the harbor and into the city.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, the Blue Dragonarmy invaded Schallsea and began having the fortress constructed with their Qué-Nal prisoners. The invaders eventually abandoned the fortress in 352 AC before it was finished.

Age of Mortals[]

After Goldmoon choose the area around the Silver Stair as the site of her Citadel of Light, the Knights of Solamnia sent knights under the command of Lady Camilla Weoledge to protect the mystics and pilgrims. One of their first tasks was to complete the Sentinel with the help of hired dwarven engineers. The fortress was completed in the summer of 393 AC.

War of Souls[]

During the War of Souls, the dragon Beryllinthranox and her forces attacked the Citadel of Light. Soldiers from the Sentinel left to fight them.

Kender Tales[]

One source stated that the Knights of Takhisis started construction on the Sentinel during the War of the Lance. This is an error.


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