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The content of this article is fan made and not included in the Dragonlance canon.

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Rogue 3 / Sorcerer 3
Alignment: CN

Seretain Misa (Ser'-ah-tayn Mee'-sah) (7/25/395 - current) founded the Auction House in Cosickers Hold at the age of 18 after coming upon a collection of gemstones. She is a tall lanky woman of 6' 3" with long straight light brown hair and hazel eyes, and she is known for her bubbly and light-hearted personality. She is also a highly skilled appraiser who can with a quick glance spot most fakes of gems, jewelry, sculptures, or most other items of seeming worth.

Born and raised in a Trebiers orphanage, she initially turned to a life of thievery in order to support herself. Later on she earned enough coin to pay for private tutelage in spell casting. Soon afterwards her purse dried up again and she quickly returned to her old work, but this time employing her new skills.

In her early teens she began to adventure with a number of friends she made, and during her travels Seretain made sure to take an interest in ancient relics and magical devices. Her skills in spotting true treasures grew. In time she was able to decode a scroll one of her friends had and figured it to be a treasure map. After memorizing the map, she snuck away from the group and found a trove of gems hidden somewhere in the mountains of Terragrym. She returned to Trebiers and used the money to begin her own business, figuring it was much easier to let people sell her items they didn't know the true value of instead of constantly risking her life.

Seretain is an extremely intelligent and friendly woman, but trying to figure her aims out tends to be futile. She has been known to be very generous at times and then suddenly very scheming and selfish. It is rumored she has either a physical or emotional interest in Chatellin Mri, but it is unknown whether this is true or if she is attempting to worm her way into Cosickers' finances. So far Mri has been keeping a professional distance from her.