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Seresayon (Seh'-reh-say-yon') is unique amount the Elder Dragons in that she was not considered one of the gods of the Tashrama until shortly after the Days of Darkness. Prior to that time she was the life mate to the former Blue Elder Dragon, the late Almissaive. Seresayon's lair is a massive open cavern known as Heaventide, deep beneath the nation of Dhu.

Early Years

In her younger times, Seresayon was a blue dragon eager to serve her Dark Queen and do her simple part in helping shelter the world within the god's iron grip. After the taint of Chaos seeped its way into the blood, and marrow of the Adlatum dragons she continued to serve faithfully, but her attentions were also drawn to the older blue dragon Almissaive. The strong handsome dragon was both a renowned fighter and a great speaker among her people. His words convinced several of the dragonkind that the strange gem artifact passing through the land was something not to ignore. It was at this meeting the to-be Green Elder Dragon Glastious elected to risk what small amount of time he had left in his life to investigate the Graygem. Many believe he was convinced to do so by the words of Almissaive.

Later on, when the binding effects of the Graygem began to take hold, Almissaive, along with the red Traxus, took control of a vast majority of the forces and land in a war against the small bipedal races, hoping to find and lay claim to the lost Volumes of the Prophet. Almissaive believed these tomes would be their only hope in finding a way to counter the taint's hold. Seresayon volunteered herself to serve under whom she saw as the greatest of all dragons. Before the conflict ended, the two became close lovers.

When the war finally failed, and the lair binding was complete, Seresayon and Almissaive discovered that their territories overlapped to a decent degree. Hiding in the winding caverns beneath Dhu, the two fell into the long sleep entwined.

A New Era

Long before the Dark Queen's call woke her dragon servants, Almissaive and Seresayon were snapped out of their rest violently. The waters of the Drowning flooded directly into the caverns batting the two apart. Almissaive's massive form was tossed like a pebble in the horrid maelstrom of raging waves that poured through the tunnels. Before the waves would retreat, his body would takes out several of weight supporting walls beneath the ground above. What seemed like a catastrophic collapse occurred, and Seresayon found Almissaive only just in time to believe they would experience a crushing death together.

The waves flooded in faster than before as most of the nation of Dhu was swept away. The falling rocks no longer fell, but were blown sideways in the torrent. The two dragons were trapped underwater, and using a magic she knew was not her normal innate abilities, Seresayon cast magic to give the two of them the ability to breathe water. In time the water pulled back, taking most of the rock and earth with it. What was left behind was a blessing to them.

Instead of an underground maze of twisting tunnels and modest chambers, the lairs collapsed into a massive chamber open for miles in all directions, but yet still covered high up above by solid earth. In a few locations holes penetrated up to the surface allowing sunlight to filter through. Also a large bay of water had settled into the cavern. Not only was fresh fish in this seawater, but the bay exited the cavern through a wide low opening in the rock face. This passage, the Seapass, leads through miles beneath Dhu and eventually reaches the ocean.

Using the magic bestowed to them through the taint of Chaos, Almissaive and Seresayon transformed the cavern. A wide coverage of jungle was grown along with field of soft grass. Almissaive's magic duplicated the effects of the sun itself, illuminating a distance far wall with a glow of brilliance that faded into a patchwork of stars not known in the true sky above. The two named their home Heaventide.

Soon Seresayon learned she could leave Heaventide through the Seapass and was no longer bound to her lair. The same was not true for Almissaive. He was just as bound as the day the two had fallen into sleep. Not wanting to remind her life-mate of his imprisonment, even if it was in their own paradise, Seresayon remained in Heaventide. When reason called for her to depart for a reason, she took to the human form of an older teenaged girl with dark hair and blue eyes before walking up some of the side tunnels to the surface. Never did she risk discovery by showing her true self in what she saw as the Abovelands.

A New Pantheon

She was successful for a time, but upon returning to Heaventide in 89 AD a group of humans and Gildanesti elves followed the curious woman into the wildness and down into the lair. Upon their entry into Heaventide a change in the magically spun wind allowed both dragons to catch their scent. Several of them were killed instantly, but the surviving humanoids begged for their lives, swearing to serve the mighty beasts. Entertained with the notion of having slaves, they agreed. They were trained in how to tend to the dragons and the land. They grew food in the fields and fished from the bay. Almissaive became impressed by their devotion. With no one now alive who remembered the dragons of old, he realized they were treated as gods. Upon learning that in the Abovelands there were no gods, Almissaive confided a 'secret' to them. "Then learn loyal ones, I am one." The servants bowed before him, and with their faith Almissaive discovered he could bestow magic to them. His church was born.

Knowing the truth of the matter, Seresayon remained quiet. In fact she was glad to see them grovel before her mate. Even if only worshipped as a god's consort and a "being of great standing," she took no offense for she did believe Almissaive to be the greater and a unified church would be stronger than one divided. Never did she appear to the faithful in her dragon form either. Always did she walk as them in order to help bolster the claim of Almissaive's divinity. Soon she let some of the servants go back to the Abovelands in order to lure more faithful below, ever quietly. In time a community of faithful was formed in Heaventide. Towns were built. No shrines were constructed however. The entire cavern was proof of the God's power, and Almissaive resided there. A shrine was unnecessary.

The secret cult of dragon worshipers remained below Dhu for almost a hundred years before Takhisis called out to her children. She was pleased with Almissaive's example and ordered a few of the dragons to act as her proxies. Almissaive sneered in disgust. He sent out many of his followers to not only recruit more but also to locate the other dragons amassing power in the land. Seresayon also went. Through magic and messenger, plans were being made between the dragons on how to best divide the land for the Queen. Almissaive took Seresayon aside and began to train her in the skill of being an orator. Once pleased with her skill, he gave her a speech of his own design to deliver to the other dragons. The speech was to convince the other dragons that they needed the failed queen no longer.

Initially the words resulted in many going into a state of shock. A few times Seresayon was even attacked for daring to say such things. But the words hung in their mind always when she left. In time, many of the dragons openly began to agree with Almissaive's pupil. The white dragon Heriacious even went so far as to declare an open alliance with the blue. Once Almissaive's once competitor and ally, Traxus, agreed with the "divine treason," everything else fell in place. The followers were gathered not for the forgotten queen but for the powerful dragons living in the land. The Tashramadic faith was reborn with followers of the new gods of Krynn, the Elder Dragons.

To this point, his servants worshiped him directly, but in order to add a layer of protection between himself and those who supported the useless true gods, he ordered that only the most faithful be allowed in Heaventide. Others would be allowed to live in the Abovelands nearby, but they would also not be worthy to know the true grandeur of his being. Those above began to follow the teachings of the Divine Ladder, and those who climbed high would be allowed to enter paradise and meet their true god.

Almissaive knew he couldn't simply use his followers a servants, and so he used his oratory abilities to preach lessons to them, lessons that could be passed on to the faithful above. The lessons tended to entail a consistent direction. Work hard for a higher purpose, but enjoy the fruits of your work. Of course the higher purpose was Almissaive himself, but his branch of the church took the lessons to heart for when living in paradise it was easy to take pride in even the most backbreaking labors. Even the followers who lived in the Abovelands believed their souls would become part of Heaventide after death if they served their master well.

Followers didn't come from just the Abovelands either. Through the use of the Seapass, Almissaive began to gather faithful directly from the Corinesti. Often sea elves would come to Heaventide through the Seapass in order to honor the god and pay worship. By having such a route to the sea, Almissaive was able to gather the greatest number of Corinesti compared to the other Elder Dragons.

Seresayon worked hard for her lover, and never did his attentions waver from her. In 383 AD, she discovered she was with clutch, but the celebration was cut short when the Adlar broke through the bound doors at the bottom of the Path. The force of Chaos poured across the land faster than the water from the Drowning. War broke out everywhere, and Heaventide was no exception.

Almissaive joined his army to fight the creatures that came forth, even pressing forward head on in order to protect the slaves who served him from centuries. Unfortunately, being so close to the Path itself, the strength of the invasion was too strong. The great dragon fighter of ancient days fell beneath the claws of a gigantic dragon that walked on two legs like a humanoid, but was made of a collection of ribbons that appeared to be tears of reality itself. The God of Heaventide tried to bite at the thing's neck, but the ribbons lashed out separate from the beast and sliced his throat. In moments Almissaive's body began to unravel, and the blue fell apart in strips of thin paper-like ribbon. Seresayon, also wounded after fighting a vanquished chaos daemon, changed into her dragon form and charged the creature in rage. But the war ended, and the Ribbon Beast vanished before she could attempt to exact revenge. Almissaive was dead.

One God Lost, One God Gained

The survivors mourned their savior, and many would had ended their own lives if they had not seen a small miracle occur. The lover of the god, who was just transformed into a female version of his own form, right then and there, began to lay her eggs.

The head of the blue branch of the Tashramadic church, Jur Canan, declared all to remember the lessons of their god, of the importance of respecting the rewards of life. "Cycles of life and death are all around us, and so we move on to the next phase of life. The blood of the god lives on, as does his greatest of servants, the one who is now as he was. Praise to the god Seresayon!" And in that very moment, as Seresayon herself was surprised by the cleric's declaration, the young Jur Canan dropped dead without wound or injury. As soon as the last of the clutch was laid, a great wave of energy flowed into her, and she could sense the Scalebound nearby. She tried to escape from Heaventide as the crowds chanted her name, but she found she could not escape out the Seapass. She was bound. She was the Blue Elder Dragon. She was now a god.

Unsure of her position, at first Seresayon tried to duplicate Almissaive's teachings to a degree of highly awkward success. But as she grew into the role of deity, she began to amend the teachings to her own opinions. Eventually she took to the idea of playing god more for the sake of 'being' god rather than using it simply as a method to control others. She began to teach her follower to enjoy life itself but not to be foolish about it, to set their aims in strengthening their collective while at the same time having pride in themselves. She was quick to figure out that if everyone truly enjoyed whatever it was they were doing, she could manipulate them into doing it for her. She also realized that if someone was not good at something, there was no need to badger him or her into learning the skill she required. She had enough followers that a general search of them would reveal who would be right for the job. Although she had lost the ability to travel, she realized she hadn't really left Heaventide that often overall in the past centuries. Seresayon was still inwardly frustrated over the loss, but to a greater degree she had accepted it.

Her greater concerns began to mount from the other forces in the Abovelands. First off she has yet to gain any respect from any of the other Elder Dragons, all of who discount her worth. To them she is an upstart using what Almissaive left behind. She is not ignored, at least not all the time, but her word and opinion is certainly valued less.

The other problem stemmed from the growing power of the Midland Sovereignties. At first she was hoping to take control of Dhu directly by having the king enter the faith. Such was not the case. Under Montegron's order, King Luciten slew the representatives Seresayon sent to the capital of Zmeineturu. Even though this act may had be caused by one of Seresayon's own Scalebound failing to seduce the Great Lord Sovereign, Seresayon took great offense and ordered that all Aboveland settlements loyal to her withhold taxes. It worked for a short time until a band of Midland Guardsmen arrived and rallied the king's men. The army escorted the tax collectors and when someone refused to pay, their home and/or business was burned down and they themselves arrested. In weeks many of Seresayon's followers were imprisoned and being dragged off to dungeons in both the capital of Zmeinenturu and in Karsuhon. Seresayon began to realize her position was truly not as powerful as she had hoped.

At that point she chose a different route. From the caverns extending in a variety of directions from Heaventide, she sent her followers towards the direction of the diamond mines. She had her dwarves dig, and her Corinesti flood the area with water. Soon the diamond mines of Dhu were flooded or unreachable. Both Corinesti and followers using magic to breathe underwater entered the mines and began to extract the diamonds. Before the mines could be drained, Seresayon was able to have vast amounts of diamond removed and put into her own stores. If she could get enough or the right people to follower her through worship, she would get want she wanted done by bribery.

In late 420 AD, as the Midland Guard was still reeling from the death of its founder Jermon Cavlin, Seresayon was able to bribe enough people to allow her faithful in the Karsuhon dungeons to escape. The plan did not work perfectly as Cavlin's successor Noragaen Veliya was able to sound an alarm. In the resulting conflict Seresayon lost half of those trying to escape, but those who returned were forever grateful.

When Montegron exposed the dragons behind the church, she learned a number of population above Heaventide abandoned their homes as many lost faith in a religion that deceived them. Oddly enough, a number of people in Dhu had begun to lose faith in Luciten's rule and had come to Heaventide to seek a better life under the protection of a long-lived and powerful dragon. In the end, Seresayon's lands may have actually gained population although many of them do not worship her as others had.

Seresayon continues to use her Corinesti connection to try to hamper the Dhu economy and force a 'polite' meeting with the old King Luciten. She still hopes to forge some type of connection with the local government, but is truly unsure how. She is also aware of the gossip that war is soon going to be fought between the church and the Sovereignties, but she is not sure exactly where she can mount a suitable defense if Luciten sides completely against her. With the day of her eggs' hatching drawing close, her main concern is now their protection, and the church is ready at a moment's notice to move the eggs or the hatchlings if need be. As for how Seresayon will keep herself, her followers, and Heaventide protected she is currently at a loss.

Gaming Stats

3.5 Edition


Seresayon, the Elder Blue

CR 28

Female Elder great wyrm blue dragon righteous zealot 4
LE Gargantuan dragon (earth)
Init +4; Senses ambient sensitivity, blindsense 60 ft., darkvision 120 ft., keen senses; Listen +50, Spot +50
Aura frightful presence (360-ft. radius, HD 38 or less, DC 35 Will resists)


AC 44, touch 6, flat-footed 44 (+38 natural, –4 size)
hp 611 (39d12+4d6+344)
Fort +30, Ref +24, Will +32 (+34 vs. enchantments)
DR 20/lawful or magic; Immune electricity, paralysis, sleep; SR 31
Weakness vulnerability to law


Spd 40 ft., burrow 20 ft., fly 200 ft. (clumsy)
Melee bite +51 (6d6+14/19-20) and
2 claws +49 (2d8+7) and
2 wings +49 (2d6+7) and
tail slap +49 (2d8+21)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 15 ft. (bite 20 ft.)
Special Attacks breath weapon (120-ft. line, 24d8 electricity, DC 37 Reflex half), crush (4d6+21, DC 37 Reflex avoids), impede ambient magic, oration 4/day (compelling argument [DC 20], enthralling discourse), tail sweep (30-ft. half-circle, 2d6+21, DC 37 Reflex half)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 17th)
1/day – hallucinatory terrain, mirage arcana, veil
3/day – create/destroy water (DC 37 Will resists), ventriloquism
Spells Known (CL 17th, +51 touch, +37 ranged touch)
8th (4/day)—mass inflict critical wounds (DC 24), sunburst (DC 24)
7th (6/day)—control weather, dictum, regenerate
6th (7/day)—antimagic field, geas/quest, heal
5th (7/day)—greater command (DC 21), mass cure light wounds, raise dead, true seeing
4th (7/day)—divination, imbue with spell ability, order's wrath (DC 20), sending
3rd (7/day)—cure serious wounds, magic circle against chaos, protection from energy, searing light
2nd (8/day)—augury, calm emotions (DC 18), death knell (DC 18), lesser restoration, zone of truth (DC 18)
1st (8/day)—bless, comprehend languages, detect chaos, divine favor, shield of faith
0 (6/day)—cure minor wounds, detect magic, disrupt undead, guidance, inflict minor wounds (DC 16), mending, purify food and drink, resistance
*From the Dragonlance Campaign Setting


Str 39, Dex 10, Con 27, Int 22, Wis 24, Cha 22
Base Atk +41; Grp +67
Feats Alertness, Cleave, Eschew Focus*, Eschew Materials, Flyby Attack, Hover, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Attack (bite), Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Multiattack, Negotiator, Power Attack, Snatch
*New feat described in the Adlatum Sourcebook
Skills Bluff +52, Concentration +50, Diplomacy +58, Escape Artist +21, Gather Information +8, Hide +9, Intimidate +41, Knowledge (arcana) +39, Knowledge (local) +27, Knowledge (religion) +52, Listen +50, Perform (oratory) +29, Search +39, Sense Motive +54, Speak Language x4, Spellcraft +29 (+31 decipher spells on scrolls), Spot +50, Use Magic Device +27 (+29 use scrolls)
Languages Abyssal, Aquan, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Etlarnish, Goblin, Hudieran, Minotaur, Ogre, Trejori
SQ alternate form, gather followers, metabolize ambient magic, righteous indignation +6 (2/day)


Alternate Form (Su) Unlike other blue dragons, Seresayon can assume a single specific humanoid form of Medium size or smaller as a standard action. Her alternate form is a young human woman in her late teens or early twenties, with brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

Ambient Sensitivity (Su) Seresayon senses the presence of all ambient spellcasters within 12 miles. She automatically knows the direction (but not distance) to each spellcaster within range, but does not otherwise know anything about the spellcaster unless further magic is used. Seresayon's ambient sensitivity is considered a form of scrying for purposes of determining if a spell or magic item protects an ambient spellcaster from detection.

Impede Ambient Magic (Su) Seresayon may impede all ambient magic within 1200 ft. To cast an ambient spell in an impeded area, the ambient spellcaster must make a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + spell level) or lose the spell he was trying to cast. Seresayon may raise or lower this ability as a standard action.

Instead of impeding ambient magic, Seresayon may prevent up to six ambient spellcasters (all of whom must be within 1200 ft. of her) from accessing their source of ambient magic. Each ambient spellcaster must make a DC 35 Will save or be unable to cast spells for as long as he remains within the area of effect. An ambient spellcaster who remains within the area of effect must make a Will save every round.

Metabolize Ambient Magic (Ex) Whenever an ambient spell fails to penetrate Seresayon's spell resistance, she heals a number of hit points equal to twice the spell level. If she is already at maximum hit points, this ability has no effect.

Sound Imitation (Ex) Seresayon can mimic any voice or sound she has heard anytime she likes (DC 37 Will save to detect the ruse).

Vulnerability to Law Seresayon takes half again as much (+50%) damage from any spell with the lawful subtype, and from the bonus damage dealt by any weapon with the axiomatic property.