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Sesk Draconians are a subtype of Draconian that are spawned from Silver Dragon eggs, and were the predecessor to the later Sivak Draconian. They stand at only four to five feet tall, are often hunched over, with silver scales and a short stubby tail. Sesk Draconians have misshapen bodies, and are far from agile, making them poor fighters. The Sesk are quite skilled at creating and laying traps however, relying on their treacherous natures to lay foes low. When a Sesk is killed, the draconian folds in on itself as if dehydrating, and turns to fine silvery dust within moments.

The Sesk were initially created for the Dragonarmies, with the view that they would be skilled officers, as they were far smarter than the average draconian. However their twisted bodies made them poor fighters, and their exceptional intelligence often made them question the orders of their superiors. In a short time, the Sesk were deemed as a failed experiment, and left in the province of The Conquered Lands. Most of the Sesk then migrated eastwards into the Steamwall Mountains, where they forged an alliance with the Hurdu against the hobgoblins.

The draconians have since formed a series of villages and settlements in abandoned Hurdu ruins, and each settlement is based on a tribal system and led by a chieftain.


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