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Sestun (? AC - ? AC) was an Aghar Dwarf who was serving Lord Toede during the War of the Lance as an errand boy. His clan lived in the hills around Pax Tharkas.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Sestun briefly served as a cook for Verminaard's Red Dragonarmy. During one feeding time, he spilled the soup, and that was the last time he served food. He quickly volunteered to go with Fewmaster Toede, agreeing to be his errand boy. In this position he was verbally and physically abused by Toede and the other hobgoblins. Eventually Toede would allow him to dress in goblin armor and given an old rusty wood-cutting axe. Sestun for a time felt like he was a true warrior.

This wore thin as the continued harassment and beatings took place. Eventually he had it with Toede, and when a kender by the name of Tasslehoff Burrfoot asked him to free him and his friends, Sestun did. The heroes got away with the help of the Qualinesti Elves, but Sestun stayed with Toede and was captured. Toede brought him chained hand and foot to Ember at Pax Tharkas, and was offered to the great Red Dragon as a snack. Ember allowed the Aghar to live while he took a nap. Tas and Fizban had observed the exchange and decided to free Sestun.

Tas lowered down and was able to bring Sestun to safety, but Ember attacked them and they fled. Eventually they would make through the ensuing battle safe. What became of Sestun after that battle is currently unknown, but thought that he stayed in the Pax Tharkas area.