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Shadowwalker (343 AC - ? AC) was a Human shaman of the Qué-Nal. In his old age he looked decrepit, but was still an imposing figure due to his charisma. He had long white hair and a deeply lined face. Shadowwalker wore animal skins clothes of a Qué-Nal shaman and jewelry made from the bones of sea creatures including holy symbols of Zebyr Jotun (Zeboim).

He had one daughter Seasinger. She had to enter into a political marriage with Skydancer, Chieftain of the Qué-Nal, in order to help unify the tribe. Shadowwalker had two grandchildren: Sunbringer and Rainsong.

He was a skilled Mystic in the Mystic Spheres of Channeling, Healing, and Necromancy. Shadowwalker also knew how to use the sorcerous school of Hydromancy. In combat, he normally used his skills in channeling to augment his aging strength.

Early Life[]

In 348 AC, the current spiritual leader of the Qué-Nal received a vision from his goddess Zebyr Jotun with her blessing of making Shadowwalker the next chief shaman.

Age of Mortals[]

Months before the Summer of Chaos in 383 AC, Shadowwalker became the chief shaman. After the gods left Krynn, Shadowwalker was deeply affected. The lack of contact with Zebyr Jotun slowly drove him insane. Eventually he started to believe that he could still hear her. He did manage to keep the other shamans organized by his charisma alone.

In 388 AC, discovered that power of Mysticism within himself. In time he even self taught himself some Sorcery. Shadowwalker mistook these powers for gifts from his goddess that he still believed to be speaking to him. He taught the rest of the shamans of the Qué-Nal how to use them.

Citadel of Light[]

In 391 AC, Goldmoon came to Schallsea to build her Citadel of Light. Goldmoon was a Qué-Shu an ancient sworn enemy of the Qué-Nal and Shadowwalker believed her teaching of Mysticism went against the gods. He and those loyal to him began plotting and working against her immediately.

In 392 AC, Shadowwalker allied himself with the dark mystic Gair Graymist to destroy all of Goldmoon's followers, even though Skydancer ordered him not to interfere with the Citadel. Gair and his wraiths attacked the building site of the Citadel with the Qué-Nal loyal to Shadowwalker. They were stopped by Goldmoon's followers, Solamnic Knights, and Qué-Nal loyal to Chief Skydancer. It is unknown if or how Shadowwalker was punished for this action.

Over the years to come, Shadowwalker continued to preach against the Citadel of Light. Saying that those that follow the Citadel have turned their back on the gods and the spirits of the Qué-Nal ancestors were very angry about their presence on Schallsea. A few shamans doubted this and tried to communicate with their ancestors. One man communicated with his dead wife. He told his people that his wife assured him that the Qué-Nal ancestors had no problem with the Citadel being on Schallsea. In fact many ancestors believed that the Citadel would help benefit the future of the Qué-Nal. Shadowwalker and his three closest allied shamans claimed to have communicated dead chieftains and shamans and they are all angry about the Citadel. They attempted to discredit the man that spoke against him and forced him to find refuge in the Citadel of Light.

Shadowwalker continued to stir some young Qué-Nal. They continued to make attacks against pilgrims on their journeys to and from the Citadel.


In 416 AC, Shadowwalker plotted with Dark Knights allied with Sable. The knights, along with Shadowwalker and his followers, helped kidnap Princess Mercidith Redic and Rainsong. This action forced Skydancer to declare his allegiance to the Citadel. As the Dark Knights took Mercy and Rainsong off Schallsea to Elsher's Height. A group of adventurers, Skydancer, and loyal Qué-Nal managed to capture Shadowwalker, those loyal to him, and the Dark Knight Sir Lor Beven. The same group of adventurers later rescued Mercy and Rainsong.

Skydancer and the Qué-Nal Council of Elders questioned Shadowwalker and decided not to have him stoned to death but for him and those loyal to him to be exiled from the tribe and from Schallsea. He was last seen being shipped from the island. It is unknown what happened with him after that.


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