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Shai-Horef (? AC - ? AC) was a male Frost Giant Vampire and a Ranger of Chemosh. He was the son of Thunderbane. The giant was skilled with the longbow and would take the form of a Winter Wolf sometimes.

Pre-War of Souls[]

In hopes of helping him get into Frost’s good graces, Thunderbane offered his son to the Dragon Overlord as a servant. Shai-Horef became one the Dragon’s most trusted servants. He was later killed by Knights of Solamnia from Castle Eastwatch several years before the War of Souls.

War of Souls[]

When the gods returned to Krynn, Chemosh took Shai-Horef’s soul and brought him back as a vampire.

Post War of Souls[]

Shai-Horef was assigned to patrol the borders of Foghaven with his vampiric winter wolves.