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Sheeranar (? - ca. 9000 PC), or "The Brass Snake", was the first Brass Dragon and one of the five Daughters of Paladine. When the five daughters separated and chose their own realms in the early days of Krynn, the brass dragon migrated to the hot regions in northern Ansalon. The brass dragon was visited by Paladine, and had four brass eggs, which were sired by the Platinum Dragon. She then placed her eggs in a nest, with the eggs of her sisters, in the High Kharolis Mountains.

Sheeranar was a carefree and curious dragon that was the most innocent of the five. She was chosen as the easiest prey by the Sons of Takhisis and targeted first. Furyion created an illusory rainbow, which the young brass chased after. The five Chromatic Dragons broke the illusion, as Furyion and two of his brothers blasted the brass into a blackened corpse. It was the Green Dragon Korril who broke Sheeranar's charred neck, claiming to be her killer. He made a necklace from her scales as his war trophy.

Of the four eggs of the brass matriarch, only three survived. Her children were the male Smelt, the female Sheranak, and another unnamed female brass dragon.