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Shen Korras (? AC –  ? AC) was a Half-elf male merchant. He is about six feet tall, with long, curly, brown hair. He keeps a moustache similar to men from Solamnia. His elven heritage comes from a Qualinesti grandmother. This shows in his pointed ears that are normally hidden under his hair, his sharp blue eyes, and the tilt of his eyebrows. He once had a wife and child. He is a competent sorcerer and has skills in the mysticism specializing in animism even though he has never trained at the Citadel of Light. He is known for his generosity and business savvy. Any that spend time with him find out that he also has a terrible temper that will be triggered with just the slightest set back.

War of the Lance[]

In 348 AC, while Shen Korras was visiting Schallsea with his wife and daughter the Blue Dragonarmy began their assault on the island to use it as a base for controlling travel on the New Sea. A battle occurred between the invaders led by Dragon Highlord Kartilann and the Qué-Nal. Shen Korras saw the battle while hidden in the hills with his family. When a sniper arrow killed Kartilann, her mount Khellendros went on a rampage on the island. During this carnage Korras’s family was killed. Shen Korras was a shattered man after this. He built a home on Schallsea, but continued his life as a merchant.

Some believe that the source of the hostility between the Sage and Shen Korras came from events between them on Schallsea during this time, but this may only be rumor. Especially since in the Age of Mortals the Qué-Nal and Wemitowuk elders claim that they never saw either of them on the island at that time.

Early Age of Mortals[]

Shen Korras left his shop in Palanthas when Khellendros took the city and took residence in Relgoth.

When the Hero of the Lance Goldmoon decided to build the Citadel of Light on Schallsea Shen Korras immediately announced his support. He brought several young Solamnians to Goldmoon to learn from and help her. In addition, he funded the supplies needed for the Citadel and secured ships to ferry them and workers to Schallsea. It is because of him the Citadel could be constructed as quickly and grandly as it was.

To help pilgrims and others traveling to the Citadel, Korras opened shops in the Port of Schallsea selling the merchandise at very reasonable prices. Eventually he owned about a third of the businesses in the town. Including the Cozy Hearth hostel that he co-owns with Iryl Songbrook. Due to his generosity, Shen Korras became widely known. In 399 AC, he had the War Memorial monument erected at the site where his family died. Then in 406 AC the Citadel opened an orphanage from his suggestion and funding in the Grand Lyceum.

Goldmoon held Shen Korras as one of her top advisors. She knew true altruism is rare and sometimes worried that Korras had a hidden agenda, but she basically believed him to be a grieving man that wanted to make a difference in the world. Iryl read his aura once and found the results unclear, but found that he held a tremendous about of rage. He has also shown resilience from other types of magical investigation.

Goldmoon’s mentor the Sage has an extremely low opinion of Shen Korras. He would not miss an opportunity to persuade Goldmoon to no longer take Korras’s support. Korras mostly ignored the Sage, but when they would talk they would loudly argue. As stated before some believe that the source of their hostility comes from events during the War of the Lance. When the now famous Mina was a girl she grew up at the orphanage of the Citadel of Light. She was terrified of Shen Korras. The Sage would use this as another example of why not to trust him.

Shen Korras would travel a great deal every year between the Citadel, Relgoth, and many other locations. Most of this traveling was likely for business, but sometimes he would return to the Citadel with new orphans for the orphanage. At his home in Relgoth he would spend weeks conducting experiments in combining sorcery and mysticism. This is a subject that he had expressed great interest in with the mystics of the Citadel. He told those he trusted that he lived in Relgoth to learn more of Khellendros’ plans.

Shen Korras traveled to the Citadel less and less. When he did he seemed troubled. Then he disappeared. It is not certain when he disappeared due to his usual traveling, but some say it was about the night of the Great Storm in 421 AC others say it was much sooner. Goldmoon sent out messengers to his shops for knowledge of his whereabouts, but they did not know.

Post War of Souls[]

After the War, Shen Korras returned from being missing in Relgoth. He lost all his past memories and was deeply sad. He began to prepare to return to Schallsea, but for some reason delayed his journey back to the Citadel. Shen Korras began to gather Blue Dragonspawn around him, but only those who sought redemption for the bad things they done under Khellendros. The group of Dragonspawn was called the Bluescales and was led by Shen Korras. While doing this some of his memory returned but not fully. Shen Korras had dreams at night of returning to the Citadel of Light and thought that they could offer his group aid. The Citadel heard of Shen Korras’s Bluescales and that caused speculation that he might have had some connection to Khellendros at one time.