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Schnatz Ong (? AC - ? AC), as known as "The Flea", was an Aghar dwarf who was challenged by the Daewar dwarf Uurk Straightbeard because Schnatz had cheated at dice and refused to return the money. He was a resident of Thorbardin and fought in the Arena of Justice to prove his innocence. Shnatz ran away from Uurk for most of the fight until two female gully dwarves entered the arena begging for their father’s life. Uurk became overconfident and turned his back to Shantz so he could address the crowd about what to do. Uurk was then killed by Shantz when he was stabbed in the back. After the fight ended it was revealed that the two female gully dwarves were not Shantz’s daughters.

Shnatz was then paid by Jungor Stonesinger to hire gully dwarves to dig through a weakened section of Hybardin. He hired a crew of gully dwarves who dug a hole deep enough that caused a large section of the former Hylar city to fall onto the Isle of the Dead. Shnatz disappeared shortly before it fell.


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