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Shonorr (ca. 1 AC - ?) was a brave bronze dragon who was slightly smaller than the norm for his age, who had several distinguishing marks following a fight with a blue dragon. The spines on the left side of his head were ripped away, and a nervous tick in his left eye was developed after the blow. He also bore a magical sigil on his chest that was the personal mark of the blue dragon, as well as the word fool, that had been placed on him through a wizard mark spell.

Early Life[]

Shonorr was born near the dawn of the Age of Despair, and lived a relatively peaceful life. He made his lair in a cave that was off the straits of Cape Caergoth, and it was only accessible via a sea tunnel that was deep underwater. The cave itself was mostly dry, but it afforded Shonorr with plenty of privacy. The bronze dragon avoided most of the upright races when possible, although he would commonly deal with seals, dolphins and other sea creatures. Shonorr would also aid sailors when they were in trouble. The dragon was known to have a great love of the sea and the tales surrounding it, and his price for aiding sailors and other creatures, was to hear any tales about his beloved sea.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Shonorr attacked chromatic dragons that flew near Caergoth, as well as devastating any enemy ships that wandered anywhere near his lair. Whilst he did not distinguish himself in any of the major battles during the war, he still waged his own private battle against the evil dragons and the ships of the Dragonarmies.

At one stage during the war, Shonorr spotted a blue dragon that was much larger than him, and foolishly attempted to strike down the chromatic. The blue dragon, which was older and stronger, easily defeated Shonorr, but rather than killing him, placed his own magical sigil and the magical word "fool" on his chest, to further humiliate his foe. He also physically defaced the bronze dragon before leaving. At a later stage, Shonorr again saw the blue dragon, which he ambushed and managed to kill. The bronze then took the blue's skull and placed it in his cave, as a reminder that even the mightiest of dragons can be brought low in the right circumstances.

Shonorr was around 340 years old during the War of the Lance.

Kender Tales[]

One source states that Shonorr was a female, but most writings state the dragon was a "He".


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