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The Siege of Dargaard Keep occurred after Loren Soth ran away before his execution for his crimes against The Measure and the accused murder of Lady Gladria. The siege was long and harsh, only being lifted once for the wedding of Soth to lady Isolde.

The forces of the Knighthood included the commander, Lord Rateliff, and enough Knights for a dozen campfires. They would fire burning pitch into the keep each night from a few catapults, and their attempts to build a bridge were met by arrows. They did establish a blockade of the keep, and held on as winter approached.

Those in the castle hoped that a harsh winter would devastate the knights, but this would be the warm winter when the Cataclysm would hit. It is unknown how many knights survived the events of the Cataclysm, but is assumed that some did report back to the Knighthood.


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