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Sikk'et Hul is a former province of Northern Ergoth that Goblins have made their own nation. Sikk'et Hul is located south of both Ergoth Proper and Hylo. The major geographical feature of the region include the southern end of the Sentinel Mountains. The land is arid, with many desert wastelands and badlands located within the borders.

Age of Might[]

In time before the Cataclysm, Sikk'et Hul was given to goblins as a reward for assisting the Empire of Ergoth against the Knights of Solamnia. To this day, goblins live in this nation with Aghar Dwarves in relative peace. They do have a standing army but all thoughts of waging war have been forgotten. They persue a more academic way of life.

Age of Despair[]

During the War of the Lance, the goblins of Sikk'et Hul were approached by the forces of Takhisis to join in her cause of taking Ansalon. The goblins refused to join with the Dragonarmies, and instead told their Ergothian allies of the plots of Takhisis. Together they formed an alliance that led to most of the goblin shamans leaving Sikk'et Hul to assist the Dragonarmies.

Age of Mortals[]

Not much is now known about the lands of the goblins, but they are living in peace with their Ergothian neighbors and their Kender neighbors.


  • Manic - Capital
  • Depré
  • Gurik P'lresse
  • Ker-Manth
  • Lusid


  • Fav