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Silvamori was a town built in the Age of Despair on Southern Ergoth. It was a Silvanesti Elf refuge during and following the War of the Lance. The town was part of the united elven area eventually called Ergonesti. It was on the western side of Harkun Bay.

The city was smaller than Qualimori, but had dwellings made from stone and some made in the surrounding pine trees. This was made possible by the elven Wizards and Woodshapers that went to work as soon as the elves settled there. The elves of Silvamori were led by Regent Belthanos, but as the Silvanesti started to work with their neighbors and formed Erogonesti responsibilities were shared with co-regent Lady Merathanos.

War of the Lance[]

The Silvanesti left their homeland during the War of the Lance and took refuge on Southern Ergoth. They settled the woods west of the Thon-Tsalarian River with the approval of the local Kagonesti led by Chief Cher-kal, so long as it was short-term. Shortly after this the Qualinesti Elves settled east of the Thon-Tsalarian and built Qualimori.

Pre Chaos War[]

Most Silvanesti left in 381 AC when Lorac’s Nightmare finally ended, but some stayed behind.

Age of Mortals[]

Frost came to Southern Ergoth in 395 AC and started to change the island’s climate. Many of the three races of elves left Ergonesti as it had started to be called for Cristyne.

Post War of Souls[]

By the time after the War of Souls most of the Kagonesti had fled the island for Cristyne, but the area had new citizens in the refuges from the tragedies that befell Qualinesti and Silvanesti during the war. Frost and his ogres were still a huge problem. Silvanesti Regent Belthanos saw the wisdom of leaving for Cristyne while his counterpart Lady Merathanos desired to fight the Dragon Overlord.

In 422 AC, at the Elfmoot in Merwick representatives meet to discuss the Ergonesti moving to Cristyne. At the meeting an ancient villain named Sylvyana made her move for power. She was defeated by Amara Moonhunter and a group of adventurers. Amara later became the next Pathfinder. Shortly after, led by Amara all the Ergonesti Elves left Southern Ergoth (including those of Silvamori) and settled in the ruins of Baleph and began to rebuild the city. Silvamori was left vacant.


Kender Tales[]

In the novel _Darkness and Light_, Kitiara Uth Matar claimed to have led troops under siege in Silvamori prior to the War of the Lance. She said thousands died of starvation there. Since the town was not founded yet this is an error.

Also there is some confusion on who led the Silvanesti Elves of Silvamori there during the War of the Lance. It was either Belthanos, Quinath, or perhaps both.