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Silvanoshei Caladon (383 AC - 421 AC), called Silvan for short, was the son of a Silvanesti Elf queen Alhana Starbreeze and Qualinesti Elf king Porthios Kanan and was born in the Inn of the Last Home following his parents being branded dark elves in their elven nations. His name of Silvanoshei means " the Hope of Silvanos" in the elvish language, and was part of House Royal of Silvanesti. He was also known to have had a cousin named Kiryn Caladon who was loyal to both him and his mother.

Silvanoshei was known to have been handsome, charming, had a melodious voice, closely resembled Porthios, purple eyes, black hair, well-muscled, had Alhana's pride but not her compassion, and he cared for elves just not with the great loyalty shown by Alhana. He was a skilled rider, but had no idea how to use a sword. He did buy a sword in Solace that had a carved hilt with a griffon's beak on it. He could speak both Common and Elvish, and was known to have been good at playing xadrez.

Early Life

Silvanoshei was born in the Inn of the Last Home in Solace during the Chaos War. At the time his family had nowhere to go to give birth to him, so they turned to Humans living in this tree city to give them shelter. A few days following his birth he and his family would leave the city to continue on their journey. Silvanoshei would lose his father during this war when Porthios was burned and fell into a river never to be seen again.

During his young life, he was always around warriors in an armed camp. He was a spoiled child with his mother Alhana always fearful of him being killed and wanting to always keep him safe from dangers rather than teaching him to be a great warrior and leader. Even though Samar thought of the child as being spoiled, he still acted as a second father to Silvanoshei.

War of Souls

During the War of Souls, Ogres surrounded Alhana's elves so Silvanoshei volunteered to go for help to the Legion of Steel near Sithelnost and for this he gained the respect of Samar for the first time. While heading to the city, he was knocked out and fell near the Silvanesti Shield. When he awoke, he found that he had broken his arm and was now inside the Shield.

He made his way to Silvanost and there he was able to claim being the Speaker of the Stars and put on the throne. While on the throne, he trained in the use of the sword and had a breastplate with a 12-pointed star and helm with swan's wings made for him. When Mina made her way into the elven kingdom, Silvanoshei became quickly ensnared with her looks and fell in love with her.

When Cyan Bloodbane was exposed, the Green Dragon killed the elven king. The dragon was then confronted and killed by Mina, and Mina then brought Silvanoshei back to life again to serve the One God. Following the death of Cyan Bloodbane, Mina told Silvanoshei what was killing the elves, and so Silvanoshei made his way to destroy the Silvanesti Shield Tree in the Garden of Astarin. When Silvanoshei confronted the Shield Tree, the tree sent vines and dead branches at him to try and stop him. Silvanoshei defeated them all, and was able to rip the tree straight out of the ground. This then broke the shield around Silvanesti and would then allow the elves to live not have their life drained from them.

Following the fall of the Shield, he became paranoid thinking that the other elves would keep him from the love of his life Mina. She doesn't return this love and instead gave her a ring that he thought would bring Mina to love him. Instead the ring was a poison trapped ring that was planted in his room by an agent of Lord of the Night Morham Targonne. Mina put the ring on and she 'died', and Silvanoshei was arrested for assassination. He was held prisoner until Mina was brought back to life and had Targonne killed. She then took the title of Lord of the Night and left Silvanesti in the hands of her troops, and Silvanoshei was left heart broken. Mina did call him the "Chosen of the One God" to rule the elven nations.

The night after Mina left the nation, Silvanoshei left the elven nation also hot on her heels. He took a ship to southern Estwilde before making his was to Sanction. He met up with Gerard uth Mondar and wanted the Knight of Solamnia to tell Samar that he had died and to give the elf his blue robe, not wanting to go back to Silvanesti without Mina. When he arrived in Sanction though he was thrown into jail, only to escape later when the jailer was overcome with dragonfear.

He made his way down to where Takhisis was announcing her return and take over of the world of Krynn. When Paladine arrived and Takhisis was told she was made human, she attacked Mina who was going to allow her goddess to kill her. Silvanoshei seeing the possible death of his love threw a broken Dragonlance at the Dark Queen, which impaled the goddess and killed her. Mina took up Takhisis' sword and killed Silvanoshei in response. Mishakal took up the young elf's body and took it to Alhana. She had him buried in the Tomb of the Last Heroes in Solace, hoping to one day have him buried in Silvanesti once the Minotaurs were driven out.

Alternate Timelines

Tasslehoff Burrfoot mentions that in a different timeline that he went to, Silvanoshei was the king of the United Elven Nations. He went to Caramon Majere's funeral when he died then.

Kender Tales

In Dragons of a Fallen Sun it was said that he was of House of Caldaron, but it should be Caladon, and it kept saying he was 30 years old when he was 38 (421 - 383 = 38). It has also been said that he was born in 382 AC or even 384 AC, but he was born in Dragons of Summer Flame which took place in 383 AC.


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