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Silvanost, also known as the City of a Thousand White Towers and Place of Spires by the Kagonesti, was the capital of the elven nation of Silvanesti, and regarded by many to have been one of the most beautiful cities in the world, especially by Silvanesti Elves. The city was named in honor of the great elven leader Silvanos Goldeneye. There was not tree, rock, bush, or flower that wasn't sculpted as it grew. Where Qualinost allowed for plants to grow wild, Silvanost did not. It was first to be renamed to Hotakanti then it was renamed to Ardnoranti, but it was finally named Sargasanti.

Silvanost is located on Fallon Island, and surrounded by the Thon-Thalas. At one time giant turtles were used to ferry elves from the main side of the river, to the island where the city was located. When approaching the city, silver gates led into the city through the walls. These gates are bound with magics that make the gates so powerful that no force on Krynn could break them down. A highway leads up to the island from the west which is the old King's Road. At one time a bridge crossed the Thon-Thalas and the highway went right to the city gates, but this bridge no longer exists.

Once one entered the city, there was one thousand gleaming white towers, and all homes were built with the use of magic, and made of wood, crystal, or white marble. They start at one or two story homes near the wall, up to ten to twelve story homes in the center of the city. The only straight streets in the city were in the cardinal directions of a compass. The city itself looks like a well tended garden, with all trees equally spaced, blooming flowers that were arranged in complex patterns, crystalline fountains, and all paths are made of cobblestone.

At the heart of the city is where the Tower of the Stars can be found, along with all the major towers and temples. Here is where the Emerald Throne could have been found.


The great elven leader Silvanos Goldeneye had his people migrate from what was then the ancestral homeland of the elves, to what is now the Silvanesti Forest. There they would begin the construction of Silvanost around 4007 PC, but the exact date is unknown. The chromatic dragons would take exception to this, and so would begin the First Dragon War.

Age of Dreams

The First Dragon War broke out in 3900 PC. Crematia, her chromatic siblings, and their ogre and Bakali allies laid waste to the elven settlements in the Silvanesti Forest. This included the total destruction of Silvanost. The city would remain a ruin, until sometime after 3550 PC when Crematia's forces were defeated.

The Second Dragon War took place from 2692 PC to 2645 PC, and Silvanost was the base of operations of the elven army. As the forces of Crematia crushed all resistance, three elven mages, Fayal Padran, Parys Dayl, and Kayn Wytsnall, put a magical shield around the city. For years the city sat under the shield while the elves planned from the Tower of the Sun (Magic), and eventually they decided to release magic from Krynn. This led to the destruction of the Silvanesti lands and all of Crematia's armies. The extent of destruction done to Silvanost is unknown, but the elves were able to rebuild and the Tower of the Sun was teleported away with the three mages.

During the Kinslayer War, Silvanost was used to build and train armies to fight in the west. Many refugees came here, but only pure elves were allowed into the city. All humans and half-elves had to stay on the opposite shore, following a riot that took place in the city. The city was never actually attacked by an opposing army for the entire war.

The city would finally see an attack in 1793 PC when the Urionan Army under the command of the Dargonesti Elf queen Uriona. She was attempting to take over the city, and was even able to destroy some portions of the city with the help of a Kraken. The elven priests though lowered the water levels of the river and she was captured and the battle won. Eventually she would marry Elendar Silvanos, the acting Speaker of the Stars.

Age of Might

The elves had no part of the Third Dragon War, and stayed out of what was going on in the world for the most part for many hundreds of years. By 948 PC, they have isolated themselves in their forest and city while the humans of Istar continued to dominated politics outside. Eventually the Istarans attempted to blockade Silvanost in 673 PC, but the elves fought back and in 630 PC forced the Istarans to sign the Swordsheath Scroll. Silvanost flourished during this time, and sent some of their best elf maidens to sing at the Great Temple. Skirmishes took place between the Silvanesti and their Kagonesti Elf brethren for the construction of a highway through the forest to Istar.


When the Cataclysm struck Krynn, oceans fell and mountains rose up out of the ground. Silvanost was basically untouched by the destruction. The destruction of the world outside of the their city was the problem for the lesser races, and the elves withdrew into their forest and city. Not much would be known about the city in the years to come.

Age of Despair

When the War of the Lance broke out in 348 AC, Speaker of the Stars Lorac Caladon wanted to keep his people out of the war. He was able to work a truce with Ariakas, and Lorac thought that this would save his beloved Silvanost and its people from being destroyed. By 349 AC, Ariakas decided that it was time to invade the elven nation, and so began the Silvanesti Campaign. Lorac saw the massive amounts of refugees pouring into the city and the Dragonarmies sweeping towards the elven capital, and thinking the only hope for his people was the use of a Dragon Orb. As soon as Lorac attempted to use the orb, Cyan Bloodbane seized control of the elven Speaker and corrupted the elven nations. Silvanost became a place of nightmares, and the dead.

Eventually the Heroes of the Lance would arrive and free Silvanost of Cyan's grip, but the city would sit for years to come in the nightmare that was created. The first place to be restored from the Lorac's Nightmare was the capital of Silvanost. Porthios Kanan then used it as a staging point for leading his in the cleansing of the Silvanesti Forest. This was eventually accomplished in 382 AC, but a coup took place and the Speaker of the Stars and the Speaker of the Sun were both banished from the city, and a Military Governor by the name of Reyl Konnal took control of the city and the nation.

Age of Mortals

Silvanost was relatively untouched by the Chaos War, and following the war a great tree, called the Shield Tree, was planted in the Garden of Astarin. This would create the Silvanesti Shield around the entire nation to prevent anyone from getting in or out of the elven nation, thus preserving their way of life. Little did the elves know, that Cyan Bloodbane had been behind the creating of this shield and tree.

The Shield Tree fed off the life of the forest and of the elves of the nation. Nearly half of Silvanost's population perished during this time, wasting them way to nothing. This tree would stand until a certain young human girl general arrived in the elven nation.

Mina arrived through the Silvanesti Shield during the War of Souls, and she brought about the destruction of the Shield Tree. This allowed for her Dark Knight army to quickly move in and took over the city. Silvanost fell to the Dark Knights, and when Mina left to continue her war she left general Dogah in charge of the Dark Knights. He tried his best to hold the city until reinforcements arrived, but almost his entire force was decimated before it finally arrived.

Minotaur Occupation

During the War of Souls, the Minotaur Empire saw their chance to strike at their most hated foes. They sailed up the Thon-Thalas, and quickly occupied Silvanost. They drove the Dark Knights from the city, and when Ardnor de-Droka became Emperor, he decreed that Hotakanti, as it was going to be called, would no longer be the name of the city, but would be renamed to Ardnoranti. Eventually it was renamed again to Sargasanti with the fall of Arnor. The towers in the city were quickly taken over by the minotaur houses, and wooded gardens were stripped of all their vegetation. Brass oil lamps were hung from tall iron pulls along the street instead of the elven glowlights. Elven prisoners were put to work quarrying stone for the minotaurs to use. The smell of the city became that of musky minotaurs, rather than the smells of perfume as it had under the elves.

Districts of Silvanost

Buildings of Silvanost



Roads and Streets of Silvanost

Elven Houses

Major Houses

  • House Cleric
  • House Mystic
  • House Protector
  • House Royal
  • House Servitor
  • House Woodshaper

Minor Houses

  • House Advocate
  • House Gardner
  • House Jewler
  • House Mariner
  • House Mason
  • House Metalline
  • House Seamstress
  • House Stoneworker

Kender Tales

Once source states that there isn't a straight road in Silvanost, while others all state that there are straight roads in the cardinal directions of a compass.


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