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D'argent (? - ?) was a female silver dragon who was nest mates with the mighty Lectral, Saytica, Heart, and at least one unknown brother who fought and died in the Third Dragon War. With her sister Heart falling in love with the Solamnic Knight Huma Dragonbane, and falling during the Third Dragon War, and both Lectral and Saytica proving themselves as heroes during the Third Dragon War, much expectation was on D'argent as she came from such a distinguished nest. In her Silver Dragon form, D'argent was almost one hundred and thirty feet in length, from nose to tail. She was completely covered in extremely small silver scales that gave a sheen finish to her skin. Her horns, claws and eyes were all pale gold. When D'argent appeared as the Kagonesti Elf Silvara (or Silvart), she was a particularly exquisite looking female elf, who stood at five feet and four inches tall, and had silver hair, pale skin, and wore a small barbaric outfit and was adorned with tribal feathers in her hair and face paint. In this form, she was often accompanied by her white cooshee (elven dog) Dargo.

Early Life

At the close of the Third Dragon War, when both the chromatic and metallic dragons were forced away from the affairs of men, D'argent was placed in charge of Foghaven Vale, in which lay the final remains of Huma, Knight of Solamnia. For centuries, the Silver Dragon ensured that the Vale was preserved and that no one disturbed Huma's Tomb. As the War of the Lance approached, D'argent became increasingly concerned about the return of the Dark Queen. Knowing that the Oath of Neutrality, which bound all dragons away from the affairs of men, was still in place, she polymorphed into the form of a Kagonesti Elf, and assumed the identity of the elf-maid Silvart (sometimes called Silvara). She then went to live amongst the elves at Qualimori, to learn more about what was happening in Ansalon.

War of the Lance

Many elves in Qualimori knew of Silvart for her great healing skills, and she was respected by the Kagonesti, and even some of the Silvanesti and Qualinesti. When the Heroes of the Lance came to Qualimori, it was Silvart who was called upon to help Gilthanas Kanan when a Silvanesti guard accused him of spying. It was then she realized that the fate that befell her sister was to be hers as well. She had fallen in love with a mortal. When Laurana Kanan planned to escape from Qualimori, she offered her services as a guide through the wilderness of Southern Ergoth. In fact, she planned to lead them to Huma's Tomb and hopefully to the dragonlances. It was there that she revealed to the Companions her true form and in doing so, lost her love. Within Foghaven Vale, she also taught Theros Ironfeld how to forge the dragonlances, giving him the secret to undo the Dragonarmies.

On hearing about the Oath, that Harkiel the Bender had extracted from the Metallic Dragons, D'argent was highly suspicious that Takhisis would betray her kind. Acting on a rumor and some advice from Fizban, D'argent set out to find the metallic dragon eggs that the Chromatic Dragons had supposedly hidden in Sanction. Gilthanas offered to aid the silver dragon, and along with Fizban and her dog Dargo, the party made their way into the Temple of Luerkhisis where they were assisted by the Bronze Dragon Cymbol and the shadowperson Greer. The group witnessed how the eggs were being perverted for creating Draconians, and then recovered as many eggs as possible, before fleeing to The Dragon Isles. On reaching the isles, Gilthanas and D'argent return the eggs and advise the metallic dragons of how they were betrayed. D'argent convinced her cousins to enter the war, and with Gilthanas, was instrumental in assisting in the ultimate defeat of the Dragonarmies. During the war, D'argent and Gilthanas became heroes in the skies over Palanthas and Kalaman, as well as several other fronts, after defeating a large amount of chromatic dragons.

Directly following the events of the war, D'argent was prepared to settle down in Kalaman with Gilthanas, in her elven form of Silvara. However Gilthanas could not accept that she was a dragon and sent her away. The silver dragon was known to most as Silvara by this point in time, regardless of what form she took, and she did not use the name of D'argent any longer.

Age of Mortals

The silver dragon left Kalaman and wandered throughout Ansalon, spending time in various locations for the rest of the Age of Despair and the early part of the Age of Mortals. Silvara practically disappeared altogether, before resurfacing in the form of the female human knight Arlena Plata, Knight of the Rose. She served at Castle Eastwatch under Lady Riva Silverblade for some time, in the fight against the Dragon Overlord, Gellidus the White. She later led a squad of Solamnic Knights in Dragon Mountain, where she became re-acquainted with Gilthanas.

For the good of Ansalon, Silvara assumes her dragon form once more, and joins the Heroes of the Heart in their fight against the Dragon Overlords. The dragon and Gilthanas rediscovered their love for one another, with Silvara finally accepting that Gilthanas truly loves her, and not just her elven form. Silvara and Gilthanas aid the heroes in thwarting Malys' quest to ascend to godhood, and then flew to Southern Ergoth to continue the fight against Gellidus the White.