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Silveran "Greenhands" Kanan (1892 PC - ? PC) was the son of the great Speaker of the Sun Kith-Kanan and Anaya, a Keeper of Mithranhama. He had a half-sister named Verhanna Kanan and a half-brother named Ulvian Kanan.

Silveran was tall with wide shoulders, a fair complexion, and a massive forehead. He had broad cheeks, chin, and nose, narrow but full lips, yellow hair and green eyes. The Kagonesti that met him named him Thalmaat.

Coming of Greenhands

Greenhands was "born" from Anaya's Tree in 1892 PC. While he was traveling to find his father, he met people along the way and assisted them unknowingly. He ran into his half-sister Verhanna, and found his father fighting Drulethen. When Dru turned into a creature, Greenhands was able to trap the creature and behead it, killing Dru.

Greenhands returned to Qualinost with his newfound father Kith-Kanan, and he was given the name Silveran Kanan. While living in Qualinost, he began the necessary tutelage that would let him take over the title of Speaker of the Sun. This made his half-brother Ulvian very jealous, and Ulvian started playing mind tricks on Silveran. This eventually caused Silveran to see Dru over Kith-Kanan's face, and he struck his father with Sunderer.

Death and a New Speaker

This action put Kith-Kanan into a coma, and Silveran was taken prisoner. As Kith-Kanan lay on his deathbed, he announced to Verhanna and Tamanier Ambrodel that Silveran was to take the throne and that Ulvian was to be let go despite his dark deeds, even though Verhanna wanted to execute Ulvian. He passed away in the night, with the name Anaya as his last breath. Silveran did not reach his father in time to hear his last words.

Silveran ascended to the throne as the second Speaker of the Sun and allowed Ulvian to depart. He had people keep tabs on Ulvian when he left for the Empire of Ergoth. He held tight to what his father Kith-Kanan wanted Qualinesti to stand for.

Rose Rebellion

When the Rose Rebellion broke out over Ergoth, Silveran kept his people out of the action at first. He allowed Verhanna's daughter, Vixa Ambrodel, to lead a ship to pick up a senator and other political people there. When Vinas Solamnus's people came to Qualinesti to see if they would assist, they rebuked the great general and stayed out of the war. Silveran did sign the Swordsheath Scroll with the great leader once the nation of Solamnia was established.

It is unknown how many years Silveran ruled after the Rose Rebellion, but maybe someday the elves will release this information.


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