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Sirines are aquatic fey that lives on the coasts of Krynn’s continents. They look like Human women but their skin sometimes has a yellow or green tinge. Also their hair is sometimes odd colors like green or silver. They are reclusive about their communities, but sometimes will take the companionship of another creature for a very short time. They mature quickly. A ten year old sirine will appear over twenty.

Some Sages believe that the Children of the Sea are a result between Sirines or merfolk mating with humans.

Sirine Lands[]

Sirines were known to live off the Seldjuki coast before the Cataclysm.


Sirines have the ability to magically change their shape. They can emit a song that is irresistible to other creatures.

Kender Tales[]

One source said that the Sirines that lived off the Seldjuki coast were a type of merfolk, but since they did not have a lower fish-like appearance this was probably just a play on words.