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Sithas Silvanos (2308 PC - 1813 PC) was the son of the Speaker of the Stars Sithel Silvanos and Nirakina Silver Moon, and was the elder twin brother to Kith-Kanan. The event of elves having twins is a very rare occurrence and is cause for great celebration.

Sithas was tall, slim, and pale, with white hair and large hazel eyes. He had a handsome, proud face with prominent cheekbones and a sharp, strong chin.

Early Life

Sithas spent his formative years studying to become the next Speaker of the Stars. He was jealous of his brother's carefree lifestyle and wished he could go learn hunting and riding along with his brother, but he knew his duty to his nation.

In the year 2193 PC, his father Sithel announced that Sithas would marry Hermathya Oakleaf, not knowing that his brother Kith-Kanan had already had been seeing the elven noble. In a fury, Kith-Kanan left the elven capital of Silvanost to find his way in the wilds to the west, and Sithas let him go without stopping him. During this time, Sithas deeply missed his brother, but continued with his learning.

Sithas and Hermathya were married later that year, and they prepared to rule Silvanost together. Sithas watched as his wife gave out a lot of money and trinkets to the common people so they would love her. Sithas and Hermathya also tried to have babies right away.

During this time, Sithas slowly took over more and more power from his father. He sat in on the negotiations between the Empire of Ergoth and Thorbardin to try to decide what to do with the lands in the west. Kith-Kanan came home during these negotiations and settled the dispute in no time at all. Sithas didn't like to see his negotiations taken over and solved so quickly.

At the advice of Hermathya, Sithas requested that Sithel appoint Kith to lead the armies westward, since Kith knew more about those lands than most of the people in Silvanost. Sithel agreed, and Sithas watched his brother lead the armies west and begin constructing garrisons.

In 2192 PC, Sithas traveled to Sithelbec with his father to check out the elven realm in the west. Upon their arrival, they went on a boar hunt, where an Ergothian Human named Dremic assassinated Sithel. Sithas became the new Speaker of the Stars, scrapped all peace plans, and the Kinslayer War began.

Kinslayer War

Following Sithel's death, war broke out between Silvanesti and the Empire of Ergoth. Kith-Kanan was kept very busy leading the armies for the Silvanesti, while Sithas gained more recruits for the armies. The armies were originally composed of Silvanesti Elves, a few Kagonesti Elves and humans. As the war dragged out, they gained the alliance of Dwarves from Thorbardin and had to hire human mercenaries.

In the mid-summer of 2191 PC, Sithas and Hermathya had a son and named him Vanesti Silvanos. They had more children in later years.

The war continued, including the Siege of Sithelbec, and concluded on the plains and forest over many miles during a storm. The defeat of General Giarna's army ended the war between humans and elves. The elves regained their western lands in the signing of the Swordsheath Scroll.

Exodus of Silvanesti

Following the war, Sithas granted the western lands of Silvanesti to Kith and his followers, which Kith named Qualinesti. During this time, Sithas watched as his people left their Silvanesti homeland to join Kith's new elven land. Sithas put a stop to the elven exodus by deciding not to allow anyone to leave the elven nation, and sealed it off from the outside world.

Years After the War

Much of Sithas's years after the Kinslayer war are unknown. It is known that he had Hermathya imprisoned in what was later called Hermathya's Tower. They had three more children, Elendar Silvanos and two more sons. It is unknown how he died in his life, but someday the elves might release that information.


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