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The ruin of Sithelbec was once the greatest fortress-city of western Silvanesti. Established just prior to the Kinslayer War, the city was built for the defense of the nation's western border and for the refuge of many elves being displaced by Ergothian expansion. Sithelbec was named in honor of King Sithel Silvanos by prince Kith-Kanan. The prince built the city after he was assigned as protector to the western provinces. The city was laid out in a similar fashion to most other elven cities. A castle lay at the city's center with needle-like towers spiraling upward into the sky. The inner city was surrounded by a large circular wall. This area contained great temples that were situated around the central plaza with businesses and homes radiating outward. The outermost part of the city contained a large number of barracks, blockhouses, battle platforms, and food silos. These food silos could keep the city's inhabitants fed for years in the event of a long-term siege. As with the inner city, the outer city was enclosed by a large circular wall with a single massive gate.

For most of the war, Sithelbec proved to be impenetrable. The great city repelled every attack launched against its walls. However, in the last months of the war the city finally faced its destruction. As the great armies of the Empire of Ergoth and the Silvanesti nation marched on each other, the unspeakable happened. A storm erupted across the plains. Huge tornadoes swept through the armies and the city leaving death and destruction in it path. Fires raged for days throughout the city. In the end, Sithelbec was reduced to ruins. With both armies destroyed, the Kinslayer War came to an end. The loss of Sithelbec is considered a major turning point in the history of Krynn. To this day, many believe that storms were created by the gods hoping to finally put an end to the war between the mortal races.

Today the ruins of Sithelbec are overgrown by tall grasslands. Where vast armies once battled, farmers now graze their sheep. Although broken and crumbling, the great circular walls still give testament to the strength that the city once contained.