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Sithicus is an Elvish term that means “Land of specters”. Lord Soth rules the domain of Sithicus in Ravenloft, which is east of Valachan and south of Verbrek and Invidia. Here is Lord Soth’s castle, Nedargaard Keep, which is a perverted version of Dargaard Keep on Krynn. This domain is mostly populated by Elves, known as Sithican Elves, who are bound to the land and cannot leave. There is also a village of Kender whom are also bound to the land. Any other races are stragglers from other places, and usually are not welcomed by the elves.

Sithicus’ sky at night is filled with constellations recognizable to those from Krynn with only a few changes. The Platinum Dragon is scattered and the Five-Headed Dragon shines brighter than the rest. The only moon “seeable” is the Black Moon, a reflection of Nuitari, which can affect wizardly magic.

The borders of this Domain can be kept closed by a song that Soth sings.

Places in Sithicus

Geography of Sithicus

People from Sithicus

Kender Stories

The domain is said to be dependant upon the existence of Lord Soth. If he were to leave, the land and its people could fade away.


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