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Khellendros (? - 421 AC) was a mighty male blue dragon, who first became famous as the mount of the Blue Lady, during the War of the Lance, and later as a fearsome Dragon Overlord during the Age of Mortals. The blue dragon featured prominently throughout most of Ansalon's recent history, and was a force to be reckoned with. Khellendros was covered in sapphire scales, and had a sleek and muscular body. His claws and horns were ivory in color, and his wings were dark azure at the tips and almost as black as midnight underneath. From nose to tail, the blue dragon measured almost four hundred feet in length, at the height of his power during the Age of Mortals.

Arrival on Krynn[]

As a young dragon on his homeworld, Khellendros constantly had to run and hide from the larger and more powerful dragons just in a bid to survive. After a time, he grew increasingly tired and used his magic to find paths to other worlds. The blue dragon became rather adept at searching through the ether, and on one such journey he encountered the goddess Takhisis. The Dark Queen told Khellendros that if he would come to Krynn and be her servant, she would one day conquer the world and let him rule over the mortals in her stead. The dragon agreed and made the journey through the ether to the new world.

Not long after arriving in the new world in approximately 240 AC, Khellendros encountered the blue dragon Nadir, who he mated with and later produced a child called Zephyr. When the Dragonarmies were forming, Khellendros was paired with the Dragon Highlord, Kartilann of Khur. Noticing a promising warrior who was rising through the ranks, he organized for his daughter Zephyr to be paired with Kitiara Uth Matar, hoping that the warrior-woman would teach his fledgling daughter enough tricks to stay alive.

War of the Lance[]

In 348 AC, the Blue Wing went on an offensive into the New Sea region, led by Highlord Kartilann and Khellendros. The fearsome blue dragon led the charge which devastated the local Wemitowuk tribe, however during the fighting Kartilann was killed by a ground archer, and his daughter Zephyr was struck down by Elemental Magic. Seeing Zephyr's rider Kitiara plummeting to her death, Khellendros swept down and saved the warrior. The pair then led the rest of the assault against the Wemitowuk of Schallsea, routing them completely in honor of Zephyr and Kartilann.

The blue dragon found in Kitiara the perfect rider. She bore all the traits that the dragon respected, and he grew to truly love Kit after a short time. Khellendros assisted Kitiara through a large number of victories throughout the War of the Lance, in which they devastated a number of enemies. With the fall of the Dragonarmies after the defeat at the Temple of Neraka, Khellendros was instrumental in aiding Kitiara in leading the Blue Dragonarmy intact away from the scene of the Dragonarmies defeat.

From 352 AC to 357 AC, Khellendros maintained order with his mistress over their army, and led them in an assault on Palanthas during the Blue Lady's War. However in 357 AC with the close of the war, Kitiara was killed and Khellendros was left without a rider once more. However Khellendros felt he had lost much more than just a rider, and he searched tirelessly for Kitiara after this. He journeyed to Dargaard Keep, hearing rumors that the Death Knight Lord Loren Soth had claimed Kit, but all he found was an abandoned keep and no sign of Soth or Kitiara. Khellendros continued to search for any sign of Kitiara for the rest of the Age of Despair, but also at the same time, he plotted to make the world ready for Takhisis, for when she would enact her final plan. When the Summer of Chaos arrived, Khellendros knew it was time.

Age of Mortals[]

After Takhisis had stolen the world of Krynn away, the goddess was in a weakened state, but continued to promise Khellendros that once her power was restored she would conquer the world and give it to him to rule. However the arrival of the other Alien Dragons ruined everything, as they dominated the land and began to make their own domains.

Khellendros learnt of magical items in Palanthas that might enable him to once again open a portal into The Gray to search for Kitiara's soul, and he conquers Palanthas to find these items. The city falls under his rule and by 387 AC, he has claimed most of northern Solamnia as his domain and declared himself a Dragon Overlord. For the duration of the Dragon Purge, Khellendros grows in might and power and learns how to build a Magical Totem to harness spirit power and the life essence of other dragons. Khellendros sets about transforming a great deal of northern Solamnia into an arid desert, to better suit his tastes.

In 401 AC, Khellendros is the first dragon to discover that through a magical ritual involving a draconian and a human, he can create dragonspawn. The blue dragon set about creating a large number of these dark servants, and kept his secret safe from the other Overlords for a time. Over the course of the next few decades, Khellendros gathered more magical artifacts and aided Malystryx to a point in her ascension to godhood. However in 416 AC, at the Window to the Stars, Khellendros undermines Malystryx and throws her into the sea, just before her moment of glory. He harnesses the magic of the gathered artifacts and slips into The Gray to search for Kitiara once more, leaving his lieutenant Gallinthus to watch over his domain in his absence.

Khellendros returns from his long searching and assumes rule over his domain once more, however he witnesses the fall of Beryl with some degree of pleasure as the War of Souls breaks out in 421 AC. The dragon is informed about the girl Mina by her blue dragon servant Smalt, and a meeting is organized between the two. As Khellendros raged about what he was owed and how Takhisis promised the world to him, Mina responded by reprimanding him for his foolishness in giving his loyalty to someone other than the One God.

The blue dragon blasted Mina with his lightning breath, however through the power of Takhisis, Mina rose and returned the lightning in force, to devastate the dragon. As Mina left Khellendros for dead, he was visited by the blind dragon Mirror, who he told about the fate of the metallic dragons and of his own origins, as well as the plans of Takhisis. Malystryx then came upon the dying Khellendros and finished him off for good. Khellendros was finally at rest, to be with his beloved Kitiara in the afterlife.

Titles and Nicknames[]

When Khellendros first came to Krynn, he was known to most folk as Skie. The mighty blue dragon has also been known by other titles including the Storm Over Krynn, The Storm over Ansalon, The Portal Master, and The Blue.


Many folk insist that Khellendros originally hailed from Ansalon, and was a descendant of the fearsome blue dragon Tempest. However it is confirmed that even though he arrived on Krynn much earlier than all the other alien dragons, he did come originally from the alien dragon world, some time before the War of the Lance.

In Khellendros' tales of origin, it is told that he arrived on Krynn and served during the Third Dragon War, however this also conflicts with later tales that he arrived on Krynn during the Age of Despair and the first major conflict he served in was the War of the Lance.


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