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Slith ( 342 AC - ? AC), a sivak draconian, was born from the stolen egg of a Silver Dragon during the years just prior to the War of the Lance in the Age of Darkness. He is most famous for his role as Second–in-command for Kang the Bozak. Slith participated in many campaigns in the War of the Lance, survived the years after the war, and became general of the draconian nation of Teyr.


Slith never felt a great deal of loyalty to his Dragon Highlord masters. At a very young age, Slith began to lose faith in his human overlords, who viewed his kind as expendable. He soon gathered like-minded draconian in his regiment, who shared his dislike for weak human officers. In fact, his company was considered unlucky because most of Slith’s commanders wound up killed. As a file leader, his commander, Captain James, met with an arrow to the back, while facing the enemy. All of that changed when his group was given to a new draconian engineer, Kang, in the summer before the War of the Lance. Kang helped advise Slith in a dwarf spirit salvage operation, earning the sivak’s respect for this bozak.

War of the Lance[]

Under Kang’s command, Slith became second for the Dragonarmy’s First Draconian Bridging Company. While under this command, Slith was also involved in the Battle of Tarsis in the Autumn of 352 AC, when the Red Dragonarmy invaded and nearly destroyed Tarsis. His sivak skills of stealth allowed him to assume the command of some of the Red Dragonarmy troops, assisted the Blue Lady. Claiming himself to be an “independent contractor” Slith earned Kitiara uth Matar’s respect.

Further in to the War, Kang and Slith commanded the First Draconian Bridging Company, creating a diversion of building a bridge over the Vingaard River, hoping to distract the Whitestone Army. The two were also involved in the defense of the Lord Ariakas’s defense lines when Kang was made Division Engineer under the command of General Nemik, and later under Lord Rajak, Division Commander of the First Division of the Red Dragonarmy. Kang and Slith were later supporting the construction of a Flying Citadel when news of the fall of Neraka reached them.

Post-War of the Lance[]

Taking his draconians with him, Kang lead the draconian engineers to the remote area of Thorbardin near the hill dwarf town of Celebundin. Slith remained second in command, assisting Kang to his discovery of female dragon eggs. Slith’s skills at infiltration and espionage helped obtain a key map toward leading the dracos to the eggs.

During their trek to Teyr, Slith was also pivotal in turning the tide in a battle to protect a Temple of Paladine and the women clerics within the temple. Slith managed to find and kill the leader of the attacking hobgoblins, and used his shape-changing ability to assume command of the attacks and generate confusing, helping Kang’s draconian turn the hopeless siege into complete rout.

Battle of Maranta’s Fort[]

Kang’s group of draconian found temporary protection when the girls were found by patrols for the aurak draconian Maranta. Slith learned of Maranta’s plan to create a large number of mindless diminished draconian soldiers. Slith was captured, and later rescued by Kang and the female draconian who led a daring infiltration into Maranta’s lair. After the Battle of Maranta's Fort, Kang promoted Slith to commander of the First Dragonarmy Engineers, after retiring from military duty.


Slith’s military leadership skills continued to grow until he was named General of the military for the new draconian nation of Teyr. This move, sealed his command over all the infantry. Slith has become the mate of the sivak twins Hanra and Shanra, who he can never tell apart. Although both girls were very much attracted, Slith found it easier to choose both rather than just one. That move nearly sparked a revolt among the sivak males, who had hoped to be a mate to at least one of the two sivak females. During the War of Souls, Slith along with Kang brought draconian soldiers to the Second Battle of Sanction on the side of the Knights of Solamnia. They were doing this in order to stop Takhisis from becoming the only goddess on Krynn. Once the battle was over, they returned back to Teyr.

Kender Tales[]

Some sources claim that Slith is the “father” of all future sivaks born in Teyr, after taking Hanra and Shanra as mates. Draconian Measures claims that there were four sivak females in the original clutch, but does not name the other two.


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