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Slyphanous (? PC - ? AC) was an old male Dargonesti Elf. He had green skin. Slyphanous was an old friend and confidant of the Steward of Istar Apoletta. He even thought her Human husband was an agreeable fellow. Slyphanous liked to play a conch shell flute but was not very good.

World Gash[]

In 426 AC, Slyphanous was with Apoletta during the first conclave of aquatic races in Dimernost. When the Speaker of the Sea asked Apoletta to co-lead a joint Dargonesti and Dimernesti Elf expedition to the World Gash, Slyphanous went with her. They first intended to travel to Takaluras, but along the way Apoletta sent Slyphanous to Istar to retrieve a Dragonlance. After the group left Takaluras, they learned more of the mystery of the World Gash. When they were about to enter the Dead Well, Apoletta sent most of the group back to Dimernost including Slyphanous.


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