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Fildusmangelhors (? AC – ? AC) was a male gnome who was a tinker that lived in Mount Nevermind, during the latter part of the Age of Despair. The gnome had wild and unruly hair, and an equally wild beard, brown skin and normally wore trademan’s clothes that were stuffed with every tool, gadget and piece of paper possible. His name translated loosely into the Common language as “snowball”, which is what he was called by outsiders.

In 358 AC, Snowball met Teldin Moore and his otherworldly companion as they approached Mount Nevermind, and led them through a series of guilds, including the Magical Artificer’s Guild, where Teldin’s mysterious cloak was examined by the gnomes Ilwar, Niggil and Broz. The four gnomes then went on to show Teldin and his companion the ship, The Unquenchable, which was supposedly capable of flight. A short time later, Mount Nevermind came under attack by the same offworlders that had dogged Teldin’s trail since the destruction of his farm. When the gnomes tried to flush the offworlders out of their home with water, Snowball escaped the water, but Teldin was caught unawares.

Snowball is believed to have survived the offworlder attack and remained tinkering in Mount Nevermind.


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