Solamnia is a place where there's more things than ever. You can train to be a draconian warrior and a dragon master. I will teach you some info and tips on dragons and all of the above. That's what I will teach you.

at my best, SpyKid Flamedancer


There are two different types of dragon groups, Chromatic and Metallic. Chromatic is the not so friendly and hard to train. These are the red, blue, green, white, and black. these are some evil and fierce dragons that cane dominate other things like Kenders, humans, and other dragons. The Metallic dragons are more friendly and sayer to train. These are the silver, copper, brass, bronze, and gold dragons. These are fierce but not evil.


If you want to see a picture look up black dragon

The black Dragon is the most evil dragon known. Its acid in its mouth make is very powerful and very evil. As I told you is breath weapon is acid that can burn almost anything and it will spit acid at anything. Its favorite food is fish, mollusks and other aquatic creatures because it lives in a swamp. Its average height is 16 feet and its average weight and wingspan is 160,000 pounds and 40 feet. If you want a black dragon its favorite treasure is gold coins. you might get confused with a black dragon wyrmling and a green dragon wyrmling. ( child )It must put acid on its eggs for them to hatch. A black has two horns and a forked tongue ( all chromatic dragons have forked tongues ) and rarely drools acid.he black dragons layer is in Northern Ergoth is in Nox's layer.


A blue dragon is more hyperactive than a blue dragon. A blue dragon lives in the desert looking for food and collecting sapphires to its collection. A blues maximum height weight and wingspan is 16 feet, 160,000 and 80 feet. the blue has a big horn and

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