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Solamnics, also referred to as Solamnian or Solamnan, are mostly a human people from the nation of Solamnia that are the descendants of Ergothian and Kharolian blood. The people began calling themselves Solamnics after farmers and peasants named their new nation Solamnia in honor of Vinas Solamnus.

People from Solamnia are hard working, trustworthy, loyal, and steadfast, traits they have gained from from living under the Knights of Solamnia. Solamnics are light-skinned, hair ranges from black to light brown with some blond, and red hair common only in the isles such as Sancrist and Cristyne. The majority of men do not have the flowing mustaches that are common among the Knights of Solamnia. All Solamnics speak both Common and the Solamnic Language, while some may learn Dwarven, the Ergothian Language, Goblin Language, Nerakese, or the Ogre Language.

Following the Cataclysm, in what has become the Age of Darkness, many Solamnics became cynical and bitter towards the Knighthood, and following the Chaos War another change would come to the Solamnic people. Those under the rule of the Knights of Neraka and Khellendros would grow up under order and subservience, which would lead them to no longer automatically cling to the old ways. They had love for Solamnia, but had a more practical approach on life. This would lead the people to a higher worship of Shinare when the gods returned. Those of the south who stayed under the influence of the Knights of Solamnia still retained their views of loyalty and honor.

Traits and Traditions

Some other traits that Solamnics have is that when they speak, they have long vowels. When visitors arrive at the home of a noble Solamnic family, the lord's wife would prepare the quarters for visitors and sees to their entertainment. A woman will wear a green mantle to show that she has become a widow. All other holidays, customs, and naming conventions are the same between a Solamnic and the Knights of Solamnia.


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