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Solamnic Circles are a type of organization that the Knights of Solamnia are structured in during peace time. Every knight belongs to a circle. They are located in within towns and cities. The size of a circle depends on the location, but most have forty to eighty members. Though small towns will have less and large cities may have a lot more. The leader of a circle is the highest ranking knight in the circle. Other offices in the circle are filled by popular vote in the circle. The knights in a circle are sometimes referred to as the Knights of the Circle.

The total number of registered circles changed over time. Many were hard to find during the Age of Despair since many circles had to hide themselves. This changed after the War of the Lance. Unfortunately, many circles were lost during the Chaos War. The knighthood managed to recover by the War of Souls and the number of circles then was only slightly more than there were by the Chaos War.


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