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Solostaran Kanan (? PC - Early Spring, 356 AC) was born the son of unknown parents of the Qualinesti Royal Family, and he was delivered by Eld Ailea. He was known to have had two brothers, Kethrenan Kanan and Arelas Kanan. He married an unknown elf Lady and together they had three children; Porthios Kanan, Gilthanas Kanan, and Lauralanthalasa Kanan. One artifact of note that he had was the Medallion of the Sun for his position as Speaker of the Sun.

Solostaran had wise, aspen leaf green eyes, silver tinged golden hair, lean, and he was known to be tall for an elf. He was considered wise, fair, and slow to anger, but when you do incur his wrath, he is not one to be triffled with. Over his years as Speaker, he became set in his ways on how things should be, so some races viewed him as being callous or hardhearted. He even had some racist tendencies, but was able to tone them down a little bit with the interaction with Tanis and Flint. He even once referred to Tanis as being "...half of two things and all of nothing."

Speaker of the Sun[]

Solostaran became the Speaker of the Sun sometime prior to the Dwarfgate War, but after the Cataclysm. Before though that he became speaker, there was some sort of conflict that might have prevented Solostaran from becoming Speaker, but thanks to the help of Lord Tyresian's father of the Third Family of Qualinost standing up for him, he was able to take the title of Speaker.

Upon being raised to Speaker, he took a heavy-handed response to the other races by banishing them all from Qualinesti and declaring it only for elves. Much as this pained him, he had the belief that the other races needed to work out their own problems. Many harsh but effective laws and rules were enacted over the next few decades, many of which were still in use up until the nation was destroyed. He withdrew all elven forces from the joint fortress of Pax Tharkas, leaving it for the Dwarves of Thorbardin. When an envoy approached his lands from Fistandantilus, he had his archers respond with arrows to drive them back not wanting any part of the Dwarfgate War.

One other thing to note was that in the times following the Cataclysm, Solostaran would climb the stairwell to the top of the Tower of the Sun on holidays and feast days. Why he would climb the tall tower is unclear.

The Half-Elf[]

In 248 AC, Solostaran was extremely saddened when word arrived to him of his brother Keth's death. The news was brought to him by Keth's wife Elansa Sungold, and the word that she was raped by a Human brigand and pregnant with child. Solostaran hoped that the child was going to be his brother's, but knew the true as soon as his eyes were upon the child. A Half-Elf, to him this was a bastard child that should not have been allowed to have been in the elven kingdom, but it was his brother's wife's son. Solostaran did what he thought was best though, and brought young Tanthalas Half-Elven into his family to be raised as a son. Solostaran watched as Tanis grew faster than the other elven children including his son Gilthanas and daughter Laurana. His compassion for the lesser races grew while he watched Tanis grow.

Solostaran took to liking jewelry and wares that were forged by a metal smith from Solace named Flint Fireforge in 288 AC. He sent for the Hill Dwarf to come to Qualinost and be the first dwarf since possibly the Cataclysm that had been invited to the elven kingdom. Flint developed a strong friendship with the elven king, and much to Solostaran's delight, with Tanis also.

Doubts about Tanis's loyalty to elves began to surface when evidence showed Solostaran that Tanis might have killed Eld Ailea in 308 AC. He confined the half-elf and charged Flint with finding evidence of his innocence; otherwise he would be branded a dark elf and cast out of Qualinesti. Flint found that Solostaran's brother, Arelas Kanan, had been impersonating as Miral and tried to kill off his family to become the next ruler. The plot was stopped and Tanis was freed. Tanis then informed Solostaran that he would be leaving, and secretly Solostaran was happy for this.

War of the Lance[]

With the coming of the War of the Lance, Solostaran was very concerned for his people, so he sent a group of elves to Southern Ergoth to create the settlement of Qualimori and overseen by Aliona Damere in 350 AC. In the meantime, he had a Master Smith named Theros Ironfeld and a master shipbuilder named Koromer Vlusaj build him a fleet for his people to escape. By 351 AC, they have completed and the elven nation flees just in time before the Red Dragonarmy moves onto their very doorstep at Pax Tharkas and Abanasinia.

Solostaran sets up his royal court at this place in exile, and was extremely sadden to know that his daughter Laurana took off like a lovesick child after a half-elf. He ruled over his people while in exile, and even his wife became extremely ill during this. It is unknown what became of her, but she wasn't mentioned again. One day his daughter and son Gilthanas returned with some companions from Icereach. They had a Dragon Orb with them, and Solostaran thought to take this into his possession and have his people study it before using it against the Dragonarmies.

Laurana would have nothing of this and she and her companions stole the orb back from Solostaran and took off. Solostaran would from that point on feel that his daughter was dead to him, even stating so at the Whitestone Council. He would though commit elves to join with the humans in battle against the Dragonarmies though. Solostaran would even show that he was extremely angry with both Gilthanas and Laurana by relying solely on the arm of Porthios, whom he started allowing to have more control over the kingdom.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the War, Solostaran's health slowly declined. He was able to return his people back to their homeland, but in just three short years following the war, he passed away leaving Porthios as the next ruler of the elven nation.


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