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Soulsplitter was an axe made of extremely rare metal called Star Metal. The axe was able to cut through armor as if it wasn't even there, could cleave through a huge stone in a single blow, and wasn't affected by the deaths of the Skorenoi. Soulsplitter was simply made, had a black iron haft four feet in length, wrapped in leather, gave off a slight warm feeling, and capped with a massive, double-bladed axe head that shone with golden light. No scratches, dents, or dust marred this even after being in a pit for 2,000 years.


One history of Centaurs stated that their leader at the time, Peldarin, found a fallen star and forged it into the mighty axe of Soulsplitter. Another history was that while questing, Peldarin found the axe in a ancient, ruined temple. Legend stated that with the axe, Peldarin was able to create Prayer's Eye Peak.

The rest of the ancient history of Peldarin and Soulsplitter was a tragedy. Peldarin went against his leader, Hyrtamos, and continued to raid against the humans of Ergoth. In 1607 PC, Hyrtamos told Peldarin, in private, he would be exiled for his actions against the humans, and for that Peldarin cut his human part from the horse part. Seeing what he had done, Peldarin cut off his own head with the axe. The Circle of Seven then tried to destroy the axe, so instead they gave the axe to the fey folk to keep in hiding forever.

When the Skorenoi Centaurs were wiping out the centaurs of Darken Wood in 393 AC, Dezra Majere and Caramon Majere ventured into the world of the fey, and the axe was found. It was brought back to Darken Wood and was used to destroy Grimbough, which in turn blew Soulsplitter into pieces.