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Southern Ergoth is an island located west of Ansalon and south of Northern Ergoth that was created when the Cataclysm tore Ergoth in two. Southern Ergoth stretches about 250 miles from north to south. The major geographical features of Southern Ergoth are the Sirrion Sea that surrounds the island, the Straits of Algoni that separate it from Ansalon, Morgash Lake which is just north of the capital city of Daltigoth, the Last Gaard Mountains running down the center of Southern Ergoth with Foghaven Vale in the mountains, Harkun Bay on the southern coastline, Plains of Tothen located in the southwestern coastline, Plains of Kri on the southern coastline, and the River Ergot located in the northeast. Most of the central and eastern half of Southern Ergoth is a now a frozen wasteland.


Northern and Southern Ergoth both broke away from Ansalon during the Cataclysm and the two nations soon severed ties, formally destroying the old Empire of Ergoth.

Age of Despair

In the years following the Cataclysm, Southern Ergoth has had a close working relationship with Northern Ergoth, trying to restore the Empire. Southern Ergoth has been ruled from Daltigoth by regents appointed by the Redic Dynasty. The forests of Southern Ergoth became the homeland for the Kagonesti Elves.

During the War of the Lance, the elves of Qualinesti and Silvanesti moved their people to Southern Ergoth to escape from the invading Dragonarmies. They enslaved the Kagonesti to build them cities while in exile. The Dragonarmies invaded Southern Ergoth and gained control over much of the island during the war.

Age of Mortals

In the Age of Mortals, the Dragon Overlord Gellidus came to claim Southern Ergoth for his own. Some people were able to flee from the great white to Sancrist Isle and Cristyne, but many more did not. It took Gellidus mere months to change the land east of the Last Gaard Mountains into a frozen wasteland. Paralyzing temperatures and blizzards continued to blast the once lush land. huge storms in the Straits of Algoni, and icebergs float in the water.

Anyone that was in his lands were either enslaved or killed outright. Ogres, thanoi, and other white dragons serve in his realm. He hasn't crossed over the Last Gaard Mountains because he wants to study the beings on the other side of the mountains.

Following the War of Souls, Southern Ergoth is one of the last realms held and reshaped by a Dragon Overlord. Gellidus no longer takes part in matters of his realm, preferring to stay in his caves, relying on his ogres and thanoi to oversee affairs.

In an alternate dimention of Krynn, in the summer of 383 I.T., Southern Ergoth doesn't exist and is part of what is called Greater Ergoth. In this world the Kingpriest became a god.



Mystical and Holy Sites

  • City of the Sky
  • City of the Sun
  • Foghaven Vale
  • Green Gate
  • Road of Time

Geographical Features

Kender Tales

For awhile, distances on Krynn were changed, and Southern Ergoth was 600 miles from north to south.


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