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Speaker of the Moon is the leader of the Dargonesti Elves. This ruler must be able to see into the future in order to hold the title of Speaker. Otherwise they would be stripped of their title.

Former Speakers of the Moon[]

No speaker from 3 AC - 11 AC. This was considered a time of darkness for the Dargonesti people.

Current Speaker of the Moon[]

Inconsistencies / Kender Tales[]

Note: In the book Wanderlust, two names were given as Speaker of the Moons (which should be Speaker of the Moon), but this doesn't mesh with what was given in the Speaker timeline.

  • Solunatuaau Sonluanaau (322 AC - 332 AC) was the father to Semunel who died while in power.
  • Semunel Sonluanaau (332 AC) had his sister Selana Sonluanaau have Flint Fireforge to construct a bracelet in order for him to see the future, which all Speaker of the Moon must be able to do.


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