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The Spiritualism Lyceum is one of the nine crystal domes of the Citadel of Light. It is connected to the Mentalism Lyceum and Healing Lyceum by two pairs of hallways called arcades. Mystic teachings in the Spiritualism Lyceum specialize in the mystic sphere of spiritualism. The dome houses lecture halls, residential quarters, training rooms that have been enchanted under the guidance of the Sage to make studying spiritualism easier, and shrines to the Gods of Good and the Gods of Neutrality. Mystics that specialize in spiritualism will live in the residential quarters of this dome.

Beryllinthranox's Attack[]

In 421 AC, the Green Dragon Beryllinthranox and her forces attacked the Citadel of Light. During this attack, all the domes became at least partially uninhabitable.

Post War of Souls[]

The Citadel’s reconstruction began almost immediately under the guidance of Cassandra Renay and Jemtal Oermann. The rebuilt Spiritualism Lyceum became the primary center of learning for clerics of the Citadel. The Disks of Mishakal are now housed here for clerics to learn from.