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Duchess Stardra Mar-Levronos (? AC - ? AC) was a Human female Ergothian. She was a duchess, an Ergothian Cavalier, and the Decurion to the Praetor of the Imperial Armies. Her father was Duke Standril Mar-Levronos. Starda was known to be quiet ruthless, but was loyal to empire and the Praetor.

Early Life[]

Stardra convinced her father to allow her to train and join the Ergothian Cavaliers. Women were rarely allowed to join the cavaliers.


Stardra became a duchess after the death of her father and siblings. She gained much renown for her skills in battle and in the Imperial Senate. Eventually Praetor Uthred Ker-Kanvovas gave her the position of Decurion. Stardra also became Uthred's lover despite their age difference.


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