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Starjewels are beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry crafted in pairs by Silvanesti Elves. Starjewels are so named because they are made in the shape of an eight-pointed star. Besides the precious diamonds and rubies that cover the jewelry, the starjewels are also magical and can be used to determine the status of the possessor and it's even said that those buried with a starjewel will be blessed with eternal repose. An elven lover will give this to his/her betrothed to promise they will marry, it will create a bond between the two's souls. If one of the lovers were to die while away, the other lover's starjewel will dim and almost die. It also cannot be touched or worn by one whose heart is shadowed by darkness.

Alhana Starbreeze gave the Companion, Sturm Brightblade a starjewel in a show of love for the knight. Sturm would later be killed and the starjewel was buried with him until it was given to his son Steel Brightblade.


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