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The Steamwall Mountains are a monstrously large range of jagged mountains that stretch the entire eastern length of Southern Hosk. The mountains form a natural barrier against the poisonous steam and gasses that arise from Hitehkel and the Indanalis Sea, thereby protecting the realms of Southern Hosk. Because of the constant barrage of steam and gas on the mountains, the ground is dry and covered in acidic ash.

However some of the steam and gas collects into rain-clouds and does pour down the mountains in small poisonous streams and form a few minor rivers at the base of the mountains. The rivers run throughout the lower slopes of the mountain range, corrupting and twisting the trees and even animals in the immediate area. Many animals in these foothills have deformities and ulcerous patches on their skin, and normally placid animals might sometimes be aggressive.

Despite the terrible conditions of the Steamwall Mountains, there are three distinct groups that call the land their home. The Steamwall hobgoblins are the most numerous and thriving of the three groups in the mountains. The Marak Kender form the second group, traditionally living in small communities in the isolated Marak Valleys, they are now a people in exile, living in the mountains a short distance from their ancestral lands. In the northern parts of the Steamwall Mountains are the Fianawar Dwarves, the third and final group in the area.

On the western side of the Steamwall Mountains is the vast and lush forests of the Hulderwood, ancestral home of the Hulderfolk.

Cities of the Steamwall Mountains

Geographical Features


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