Steel Brightblade (346 AC – 383 AC) was born in the house of his adoptive mother, Sara Dunstan. Steel's true mother was Kitiara Uth Matar, the infamous Dark Lady, and he was unaware and had no desire to inquire into his father's identity but was in fact the great Hero of the Lance Sturm Brightblade. Steel had long, dark curly hair, dark eyes.

Early Life

When Steel was four; the War of the Lance broke out over Krynn. When Kitiara left Steel in the care of Sara, she promised to return when he was old enough and bring her warrior son to fight at her side. In hopes to evade Kitiara, Sara and her son moved to Palanthas. In the year 357 AC, Kitiara attacked Palanthas, and Sara feared her return. To her relief, news of Kitiara's death reached her ears and soothed her troubled mind; she soon hoped all was well. She later claimed to Caramon Majere and Tika Majere that she could see his torment, and she feared that the evil was taking over. He was a strong boy, accidentally hurting the other children in play, always apologizing afterwards. The war gifts that Kit sent only fueled him further, and much to the dismay of his mother, he was becoming more like Kit everyday.

Knights of Takhisis

When Steel was twelve, Ariakan, son of the great Duulket Ariakas, approached Steel with the offer he could not refuse, the chance to be a warrior. As much tears shed by his mother, Steel was unmoving and told her to leave as she wished. Saddened but forgiving, she joined along side her son, still hoping to save him from the darkness and turn him from these Dark Knights.

When Steel reached the age of twenty-four, his features became more prominent. Unlike his mother he wore his hair long and flowing, his face leaning more to his father, strong and set in the jaw, and like his father and mother, he was a strong fighter. It was at this time in his life he was offered the chance to give his soul to Takhisis. Three days prior, Sara came to Caramon and Tika, who brought Tanis Half-Elven into their saving ranks. Their mission was to save the young man's soul from the darkness.

Flying dragon back, they kidnapped Steel from Storm's Keep, the Knights of Takhisis base of operations, and took him to the High Clerist's Tower, more specifically the tomb of Sturm Brightblade. Once there, Steel refused to disguise himself and stated that if it was Paladine's will he would find a way in for him. To the eyes of the knights, Steel looked as a fellow Knight of the Crown. After reaching the tomb, the spirit of Sturm came to Steel, presenting him with the Starjewel and his sword, Brightblade, which he would keep in a black scabbard decorated with an axe, skull, and lily. The body of the hero of the lance disappeared, leaving Tanis, Caramon, and Steel to fight their way out of the Tower.

Upon leaving, Steel left to return to the Dark Knights and swore himself to Takhisis, becoming a Knight of the Lily. Even though he did this, his soul was still protected by his father from Takhisis' reaching claws.

Chaos War

In the year 383 AC, the Irda destroyed the powerful Graygem of Gargath, releasing Chaos, the Father of All and Nothing. Taking the form of a flaming giant, Chaos destroyed the Irda with a flaming whisker from his beard. Steel and the other Knights of Takhisis invaded Ansalon at Thoradin Bay in the Battle of Thoradin Bay. There they were met by a group of Solamnics and the ensuing Battle of Thoradin Bay took place, which the Dark Knights won handily. Palin Majere, Sturm Majere, and Tanin Majere, the sons of Caramon Majere, fought in this battle and both Sturm and Tanin were killed leaving Palin to identify the bodies.

The knights soon took the mage prisoner, and Steel offered to take the brothers' bodies home to Solace, and bring Palin home for the burial. His condition of escape was to open the Portal of the Abyss or die, deemed an impossible task. Following the flight to Solace, both Steel and Palin went to Palanthas to open the portal. There they entered the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas were Palin entered the portal, leaving Steel behind to take his punishment.

As payment for losing Palin, Ariakan sentenced Steel to death, but only following the Battle for the High Clerist's Tower. Ariakan did allow Steel to lead a group of Tarmak Brutes in one of the initial waves to take the tower. While fighting, he watched his friend Tanis Half-Elven get stabbed in the back by an unknown Brute and died in Steel's arms.

Steel survived the battle and was put into the dungeon, along side the Solamnics captured in the battle. He gained their respect when he stood up for a knight who was whipped for a mistake that Steel made, but the slave driver showed favoritism and whipped the Solamnic. Following the slaughter of the Dark Knights defending the Tower by Chaos's minions, Steel and the Solamnics that were imprisoned, were freed by Dark Knights that Takhisis had Ariakan secret below the Tower. The combined force all mounted their dragons, took up the Dragonlances and made their final charge into the Abyss.

Battle of the Abyss

Darkness fell once more on the world, and the light that shone now glinted off of the dragonlances wielded by liberated Solamnics. Steel and his Blue Dragon Flare led the charge, charging headlong at the giant. Steel drew first blood by stabbing Chaos in his arm, but Usha Majere failed to recapture the drop of blood in the Gray Gem. The Solamnics held the minions at bay, many dying at the hands of Daemon warriors and other creatures, all the while Steel flew once more to retrieve his sword, his mount suffering from the heat tremendously. Palin Majere cast a spell, blinding Chaos and allowing Steel to attack once more. Flare could take no more, she fell and was sent crashing to the sandy ground of the Abyss but only after Steel was able to draw another drop of blood.

Only by the efforts of the Kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot, who sacrificed himself to stab the giant in the toe, was the world saved. Usha caught the blood droplet in the Graygem and Chaos left the world. Palin found his cousin after the battle, placing the sword of his lineage to his breast, his last request. After the war, the city of Solace built a tomb, the Tomb of Last Heroes. Here the bodies of Tanis Half-Elven, Steel Brightblade, and the other knights who fought the final battle were buried. By this token, people will be able to honor them for all of eternity.


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