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Stenndunuus (? PC - 421 AC), followed the great dragons from the alien dragon world during the early part of the Age of Mortals, and settled upon the Plains of Dust. A minor and inconsequential dragon on his home world, he soon became a powerful force upon Ansalon. The aggressive blue dragon has been described as having a stout body, which was just under three hundred feet in length, with a short tail and a brutish horned head. The blue dragon is covered with azure colored scales that seem to shift in color like the sands around him. Stenndunuus was known as having a fiery temperament and being somewhat paranoid.

The Dragon Purge[]

Upon arriving on Ansalon, Stenndunuus selected the Plains of Dust to become his new domain. Finding the heat and sands to his liking, he set about defeating all dragons who already lived in the area. Over the next few years, Stenndunuus defeated each and every foe and finally claimed the entire Plains of Dust as his domain. However shortly after declaring himself a Dragon lord in 397 AC, the brass dragon Iyesta arrived, and beat the blue dragon back to the western edges of the Torath River. Stenndunuus was forced to admit defeat and had to content himself with only the western half of the Plains of Dust as his domain.

Over the next few decades, Stenndunuus eked out an existence in his domain, seeking to find ways to kill Iyesta. The blue dragon was too paranoid to allow other dragons in his realm, believing them a threat to his power, and instead formed a tenuous alliance with the thanoi, who had fled marauding frost-wights in the south. The thanoi, led by their chieftain Warshkt, have been servants of Stenndunuus since.

In 421 AC, Stenndunuus formed an alliance with the Tarmak warriors, believing them to be the tools he long needed to kill Iyesta and claim the entire Plains of Dust as his own. The blue dragon first killed several young brass dragons to draw Iyesta out of her lair, and then had the Tarmak use a magical weapon known as an Abyssal Lance on her, to cripple the dragon. Once vulnerable, Stenndunuus killed Iyesta and declared the entire Plains of Dust to be under his power.

The blue dragon then set about terrorizing the inhabitants of the Missing City, the former headquarters and in which laid the lair of Iyesta. Stenndunuus set the Tarmak into the city to ravage it and enslave its inhabitants. Eventually the city fell to the dragon and his allies, however the Tarmak were well aware that once they outlived their usefulness, Stenndunuus would do away with them. To pre-empt this, the Tarmak general Urudwek secretly gives the Abyssal Lance to Linsha Majere, allowing her to take revenge on the dragon, and also getting rid of the dragon, so the Tarmak can become the sole rulers of the Plains of Dust.

Stenndunuus, intent on killing the bronze dragon Crucible, chased the dragon into the tunnels underneath Missing City, where Linsha and her friends lay in wait to ambush the blue dragon. As the fearsome blue dragonlord charged into Iyesta's cave and fought against Crucible, the centaur Azurale attempted to distract the blue dragon. Even though Azurale paid with his life, he allowed Linsha to drive the Abyssal Lance into Stenndunuus' back. Badly wounded, the blue dragon fights on and almost defeated Crucible, before the lance drives it's way into his heart and killed him. The blue dragonlord fell in Iyesta's cave, only days after reclaiming the entire Plains of Dust as his again.

Titles and Nicknames[]

Stenndunuus has little communication with most other beings, and the few humans he deals with know him as Thunder.