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The Stone Pillar Battle was a major confrontation between Thoradin and the Holy Empire of Istar at Stone Pillar Pass in 7 PC. This battle led to the dwarves withdrawal from the Khalkist Mountains, but with heavy loss to the Istarans.

The battle lasted for one day, with the dwarves battling hard against the Istarans, inflicting heavy casualties. While the dwarves held the line, others were able to escape into their fortress. After one day of fighting, the Istarans had the dwarves completely surrounded. Ogres, led by Gobasch, broke through the Istaran line from behind, shattering them. This allowed for the dwarves and ogres to escape. Dwarves view this battle as a moderate success, while Istarans thought they had crushed the heathens and claimed the mountain passes.


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