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Storm’s Keep is a fortress located on a small island located in the Turbidus Ocean. The island is a remote and rocky locale, which was shown to Ariakan Ariakas by his mother Zeboim, when he was first setting about founding the Knights of Takhisis. On the island, Ariakan gathered a number of his followers, and through the magic and might of a group of renegade mages and blue dragons the fortress of Storm’s Keep was constructed. A large storm constantly brewed over the island, the elements obscuring it from prying eyes, except for those who were already aware of its existence.

Originally the island was home to a large volcano, which last erupted during the Cataclysm, however it has long since become inactive. The outer cliffs of the island are jagged pieces of pumice and obsidian, and the waters around the edges of the island are shallow. The waters hide black coral and large rocks, which make approach by sailing vessel almost impossible. The interior cliffs of the island possess a large number of caves and tunnels, which have been home in the past to the blue dragons of the knighthood. The keep itself is built from black marble, which is kept shining and polished from the constant spray from the ocean.

Age of Despair[]

For the first few years, Storm’s Keep was a burgeoning base for the Knights of Takhisis, which saw large numbers of young men become drilled and trained in the art of war. The fortress was split between the three orders of the knighthood, with mages, clerics and fighters all developing their skills. In 381 AC, a cadre of powerful Wizards of High Sorcery, led by Dalamar the Dark and Justarius, attempted to infiltrate and conquer the fortress. However the mages were quickly attacked, leading to Justarius being killed and Dalamar fleeing for his life. Later in 383 AC, the keep was abandoned when the Knights of Takhisis left for the mainland of Ansalon to launch their invasion of the continent. Following the death of Ariakan and the defeat of many of the knights against the minions of Chaos, the knighthood chose to instead remain on Ansalon and not return to the isle.

Age of Mortals[]

Following the fall of Ariakan and the decline of the Knights of Takhisis following the Chaos War, the keep fell into disrepair, and became the prison of Ausric Krell, who was raised as a Death Knight by Zeboim in retaliation for murdering her son. The goddess then created a wild storm to constantly rage over the keep, as a reminder of her dark rage at Krell for killing her beloved child.

With Krell finally leaving the fortress after several decades, the Dark Knights returned to Storm’s Keep in 427 AC to once more set about reclaiming the site as their base of operations and recover a number of powerful artifacts.

Kender Tales[]

Some tales place Storm’s Keep in the Northern Sirrion Sea however most maps instead accurately place the keep in the Turbidus Ocean.

Buildings of Storm’s Keep[]

Geographical Features[]


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