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Sturm Arlis Elrohan Majere (Hiddumont 15, 359 AC – Summer, 383 AC) was the son of Caramon Majere and Tika Majere. His siblings included brothers Tanin Majere and Palin Majere, and sisters Laura Majere and Dezra Majere, and he was a nephew of the great Black Robe Wizard, Raistlin Majere.

Sturm was known to have had red curly hair, green eyes, a mischievous smile, a robust and sturdy body, and a brawny chest. He was named after Sturm Brightblade. He lacked Tika's temper, but was known to be jovial and fun loving like his father.

Early Life[]

At the age of fifteen, Sturm went on an adventure with his Uncle Tasslehoff to the New Sea, to explore the lost realms there. This was his first adventure, but certainly not his last.

Sturm grew up always wanting to be a Knight of Solamnia. He finally got his chance in 382 AC, when he and Tanin were invited to join the knighthood. Sturm and his brother became the first non-Solamnics to join the Knights of Solamnia as a Knight of the Crown.

Chaos War[]

Sturm died in the Battle of Thoradin Bay fighting against the Knights of Takhisis and the Tarmak, as did his brother Tanin. His other brother Palin was captured. Palin took his brothers' bodies back to Solace with Steel Brightblade for a proper burial. He was buried in a linen shroud while Steel, as a tribute, put Sturm's broken spear upon his grave. A Vallenwood Tree was planted over his grave in the tradition of the people of Solace.

Kender tales[]

Tales of the Lance mentions that Sturm has have other siblings: Leaf and Kalin are younger brothers of Palin, Melody and Kaitlin are younger sisters of Palin, and Dezerell is an older sister of Palin and a younger sister of Sturm and Tanin. Palin's actual younger sisters Dezra and Laura are not mentioned. No further detail is given and they do not appear elsewhere.


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