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Sturm uth Andros (? AC - ? AC) was a Human male Solamnic Ergothian Cavalier. He was named after Sturm Brightblade.

Early Life[]

During the early Age of Mortals, Sturm's Noble family fled mainland Solamnia for Northern Ergoth to escape Khellendros. Sturm was later born in the city of Gwynned. His family raised him in all their traditions and hoped he would one day become a Knight of Solamnia. To the surprise of his father, Sturm asked be squired to an Ergothian Cavalier. His father agreed thinking it would be good for his future as a Knight of Solamnia. Years later, Sturm became a Cavalier. His family disowned him shortly afterwards.

Ergothian Cavalier[]

Sturm rose quickly through the ranks of the Ergothian Cavlaiers. He was even made a baron and so became the first non- Ergothian Lord Cavalier.


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