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Sunbringer (398 AC- ? AC) was a Human male Qué-Nal Mystic. He had the normal dark features of Abanasinian Plainsmen, but was a little taller and leaner than other Qué-Nal his age. He was the oldest son of Skydancer, Chieftain of the Qué-Nal, and Seasinger. Sunbringer also had at least one younger sister Rainsong. His grandfather was the shaman Shadowwalker.

Early Life[]

Sunbringer learned some Mystic skills from his mother. This was mostly in the mystic Sphere of Animism.

Becoming a Citadel Mystic[]

As Sunbringer grew older, he felt less drawn towards becoming a warrior, but to the teachings of the Citadel of Light. He and his father hoped he could become a bridge between the Citadel and their people. They had to first convince the Qué-Nal Council of Elders to allow him to apply to become a Citadel Aspirant. To appease them Sunbringer swore that if anything happened to Skydancer, he would abandon his studies at the Citadel and become the next Chieftain. After the council, both his parents required something from their son. Seasinger, who despised the Citadel like her father, was afraid that Rainsong would follow her brother's example. She made him swear to stop talking to his sister while he chose to continue his studies at the Citadel. Skydancer wanted Sunbringer to prove that he could represent the Qué-Nal with honor. So in 416 AC he sent him to Abanasinia to meet with Moonsong, leader of the Qué-Shu, and return with a ritual token of friendship. It is assumed that after this journey Sunbringer went on to train at the Citadel of Light.


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