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Swordsheath Scroll[]

The Swordsheath Scroll was the agreement to end the Kinslayer War and War of the Mountain, which had been extremely costly to the nations of SilvanestiThorbardin, and the Empire of Ergoth. It also stated that each nation must have a mutual recognition of each other's laws.

The document was engineered by Kith-Kanan Silvanos, who would form the nation of Qualinesti from the ashes of the Kinslayer War. They too would sign the Scroll along with Kharolis, and a time of peace would take place with the nations all signing in 2073 PC. The dwarves of Thorbardin forged the Hammer of Honor, which they presented to Ergoth in peace and would be passed between Ergoth, Qualinesti, and Thorbardin annually. The fortress of Pax Tharkas would also be created between humans, elves, and dwarves with the signing of the Scroll.

The Swordsheath Scroll would be broken again during the Rose RebellionVinas Solamnus was able to convince Thorbardin and Qualinesti to join with him in overthrowing the Empire of Ergoth. After the defeat of Ergoth in 1791 PC, Solamnia signed the Swordsheath Scroll with the other nations, and peace returned to Ansalon.

From 673 PC to 630 PCIstaran and Silvanesti naval merchants fought skirmishes at sea. Eventually the Silvanesti would prevail with the blockade of Istar, and forced the nation to sign the Swordsheath Scroll. Istar convinced their Solamnic allies in 490 PC to drive raiders from their trade routes in Estwilde. The Solamnics drove the raiders from the trade routes by 476 PC, and Solamnia re-signed the Swordsheath Scroll.

The Swordsheath Scroll would stay as a permanent treaty until the Cataclysm struck Krynn. The treaty went up in ashes along with many of the nations that were destroyed during that fateful event. This was one of the greatest treaties that would later be used by the Holy Empire of Istar for its own gains.


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