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The Sylvan Language is spoken by most of the fey creatures of Krynn. There are several derivatives and dialects shooting off from this, such as the one spoken by the centaurs of Ansalon.

Centaur Words[]

  • B'leef - Centaur name for Balif.
  • Daicheiron - 'The Tail-Cutting'
  • Jerda - Elk
  • Kaal-nos - Centaur name for Qualinost.
  • Keleion hé phomenos - Unknown
  • Kokusuna - Possibly meaning 'spirits' or 'omens'
  • Kothlolo - Centaur
  • Nemeredou mokhai - Unknown
  • Ot - 'And'
  • Phanté - 'Stop'
  • Po khansi? - 'Who goes there?'
  • Skorenoi - 'Fallen ones'
  • Temerikhai keleion - Unknown

Centaur Songs[]

Elessan ho palethai nisi, Hé temon adrabai leomon, Pithander, gonaios salisi, Hé oidren lelémoras tomon. - Unknown Meaning

Sprite Words[]

No individual word translations known at this time.

Sprite Phrases[]

"Nadh mhoirra! Fin oc Guithern." It likely means an order to stand down your offense.