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Symeon IV (100 PC - September, 40 PC) became the next Kingpriest of Istar following the death of Symeon III in the winter of 48 PC. Symeon IV was a short man, with black eyes, and a clean shaven face, and was a capable khas player. He wasn't a popular Kingpriest, nor was he unpopular. He also had as a pet a Hippogriff.

In November of 41 PC, he was given a vision by Paladine that he would pass away sometime in the next twelve months. He also saw plague and banditry on the rise in Taol, and with all this he named Kurnos his successor. In June of 40 PC, Symeon IV suffered a massive seizure that left him bedridden and partly paralyzed with slurred speech.

Even though he wasn't able to walk after this, he still found enjoyment in reading. In July, Kurnos could wait no longer for Symeon to pass away. So, he was given charge of Sathira, a Fiend that was summoned from the Abyss by Fistandantilus. Kurnos sent her after Symeon to kill him, but the attack failed to kill the Kingpriest but put him in a coma. Symeon IV would live for another two months, before passing away. His death would usher in a dark time for the Empire, but it wouldn't last very long.


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