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Takaluras, the City of Castles, is the capital of the Dargonesti Elf nation of Quoonoqua (Watermere). It was named after the first Speaker of the Moon, Drudarch Takalurion. Non-Dargonesti tend to call the city Watermere instead of its actual name.

The city is comprised of many lavish coral castles made of many different materials. The outside walls are actually various connected forts that appear uniform. The internal castles blend together with many connecting to each other with bridges and skywalks. When the Speakers of the Blood broker marriages, the families tend to connect their castles with bridges, annexes, and towers. The city being so crowed causes some buildings to be built on top of older ones.

Takaluras has streets and cobblestone paths that are in chaotic patterns around the many castles. They are used by sea turtles towing heavy loads. The streets were also built because when the Dargonesti built the city they were so new to living underwater that they couldn’t envision building a city without them.

Age of Dreams[]

In 1892 PC, the nation of Quoonoqua, also known as Watermere, was founded. Sometime after this their capital, Takaluras, was built.

Age of Mortals[]

The Dargonesti treated the second Cataclysm very seriously. This time they did not isolate themselves as they did with the first. They sent out ambassadors to the nearby Tritons and Merfolk. This act increased these races travels to Takaluras.

Prior to the Age of Mortals, Takaluras was described as a city where not many Dargonesti lived, but by the Fifth Age the city had become quiet crowded.

In 426 AC, there was a power shift for the Dargonesti people from Takaluras to the city of Istar due to the heroics and diplomatic actions of the Steward of Istar Apoletta.



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