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Taman Busuk is the melting pot for all the 'evil' races of Ansalon. This region contains three of the most important dark cities: Sanction, Neraka, and Gargath. Taman Busuk borders the Estwilde and Kern in the north and Zhakar in the south.

For the most part, Taman Busuk is a mountainous region, with the exception of the wastelands located in the south. The Khalkists are broken in few places, most notable Godshome and Gargath. As a state, Taman Busuk is very weak, but the cities within it are much more important.


  • Neraka - Capital
  • Bloodspring
  • Castle Nidus
  • Dangling Sword
  • Fort Grort
  • Gargath
  • Garotte
  • Hangman Harbor
  • Jelek
  • Kwintter Ranch
  • Kyte
  • Loft
  • Lychgate
  • Rusthome
  • Sanction
  • Styx
  • Telvan
  • Thrusting Knife
  • Tower of Gargath
  • Tower of The Lost


  • Ruins of Godshome
  • Shimber
  • Strath

Mystical and Holy Sites