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Taol was a human nation that was located west of Ismin, south of Gather, northwest of Western Dravinaar, and shares its western and southern border with Silvanesti. The only major geographical features of Taol were the Khalkist Mountains, located along the western border, and the River Edessa which ran through Govinna. Taol is a nation of mountains and hill land and from those Taol gets its major trade resource of copper and iron. Taol has to import all gems, spices, or silks.

Age of Might

In the year 482 PC the kingdom of Taol converts to the Church of Istar and joined the Empire of Istar, becoming the western most province of the Empire and considered the ninth realm. The people of Taol, the Taoli, were a barbarian people before joining with the Empire of Istar. They were then called highlanders instead of barbarians. In the year 37 PC, Taol had a sudden outbreak of Longosai, which means Slow Creep. Many of the Taoli died of this, killing even clerics of Mishakal. When Beldinas Pilofiro was traveling through Taol on his way to Istar, he healed those that were sick and helped overthrow the corrupt ruler at Govinna.

The province of Taol was destroyed during the Cataclysm. What remains of Taol is now parts of Kern, part of the Ogrelands, and most of it is in the Blood Sea of Istar.




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